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Nov 14, 2001 04:55 PM

Spanish-style churros

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anyone know where to get them freshly made. they shouldn't be that greasy, or sweet, or cinnamony like the mexican ones. but should be light, hot, and fresh.

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  1. While we're at it, how about some Spanish style hot chocolate?

    One of my most distinct memories from my whirlwind tour of Spain was "drinking" this soul quenching beverage in a Segovia cafe.

    It was like hot chocolate pudding from the stovetop--thick and viscous.

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    1. re: Heather

      you read my mind exactly. i thought it would be too much to ask about the hot chocolate too.

      1. re: kevin

        Just had some tasty ones last night at Cobras and Matadors (see previous thread from ~ 2 months ago).

        1. re: keith

          ABSOLUTELY! Cobras & Matadors (on Beverly, just east of Fairfax) will definitely satisfy the craving. They are served with warm Spanish chocolate, are made to order, and come out so piping hot that you can't even touch them.

          The tapas is excellent, too!

    2. I had great ones last week at the San Ysidro border crossing from a street vendor working the line.
      No chocolate though.

      1. The best one's I've had in LA so far are at the churraria at Olvera Street, right in back of the glass blower. On the weekends, when it's busy, they're always making them fresh.

        1. For matters Spanish, I defer to La Espanola Meats in San Pedro, the purveyor of the most authentic Spanish products in So Cal. They recommended Viva Madrid in Claremont's downtown village as the most authentic Spanish restaurant in the region, and you should ask Chef Javier to recreate authentic churros con chocolate. The attached review isn't spanking new, but will give you a decent overview.


          1. I've never found Spanish-style churros anywhere in Southern Cal. You always seem to get the Mexican kind. With sugar and/or cinnamon on them. Yeccch!

            About as close as I've come to Spanish-style chocolate is to make chocolate pudding and add some cocoa to it before it boils, then drink it while it's warm.

            Re: dipping, since there are no *real* churros, I always like a piece of Sarah Lee Pound Cake.

            But if anyone actually comes across authentic Spanish-style churros (for those of you out there who don't know what those are, that means "unsweetened, with no sugar, no cinnamon, and very light and crispy -- not greasy), I'd love to know. I'd travel hours for the real thing.