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Best Beer Stores in Seattle, WA

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I have a buddy heading out there this week and I want to give him cash and get some good stuff I cant get here! I was thinking Deschutes but any info would greatly appreciated!

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  1. Bottleworks is amazing.


    Deschutes is good, but make sure he gets you some of the Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA. Another great one is Full Sail's Son Of Spot.

    1. Bottleworks is very good and the help good. Closer to downtown in the Queen Anne neighborhood, Larry's Supermarket has a good selection of beer & local wines.

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        Larry's is now Metropolitan Market. The beer selection is still pretty good.

        But there's now a Whole Foods in the South Lake Union area. Very good selection.

      2. QFC - University Village is worth a stop:

        2746 NE 45th Street, Seattle
        (206) 523-5160

        1. If you don't mind a short drive from Seattle...

          99 Bottles specialty beer store has 1000 unique beers. Beer from 20 Washington microbreweries, American craft beers, and imported beer from 50 countries. There's also hard cider, mead, and a few handcrafted sodas. Truly a beer utopia.

          As of July 7th, two limited-edition Deschutes beers are available at 99 Bottles: Mirror Mirror and Black Butte XXI. I don't expect either to last long; the store's celebrating Deschutes 21st Anniversary on Saturday with a big Deschutes beer tasting -- from 2-5PM for $1 you get to try six Deschutes beer, plus you get to meet Norm Cartwright, the local Deschutes guy.