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Feb 9, 2008 02:45 PM

Best Sushi in Boston?

Hey all -

Really craving some good sushi - any suggestions? Near the Harvard Square area is the best, but am willing to travel for some outstanding sushi =)



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  1. fastest solution - search previous posts on this board, there are loads of great recommendations. My two favorites are Fugakyu in Brookline and Oiishi in Sudbury.

    1. While this has been discussed before . . . I will chime in with my favorite that is close to Harvard Square. New Ginza in Watertown. Great food and decor without an extreme price point.

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        How's the price compare to the other Ginza?

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          New Ginza likely won't qualify as "close to Harvard Square," unless you're driving or taking the bus to Watertown Square, but they do sushi well. It's actually hard to find really good sushi in Cambridge, near Harvard Square or not.

          Back a while ago I did a general listing of sushi places I'd been to and what I thought of them. Some things may have changed, but I think it's still a pretty useful ranking:

          In addition, I'd add O-Ya at the top end of the list, Douzo at the bottom end of good, and Haru at the lower end of the middle ground.

        2. Ouisshhi in Chestnut Hill. Worth the drive, even for takeout

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            You mean Oishii Sushi, right?

            Oishii Sushi Bar
            612 Hammond St, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

          2. Its not really close to harvard square but i would say sakurabana is my all time fav for sushi. I think fugakyu is pretty bad and over rated and over priced. The sushi place in Porter exchange mall in porter square is pretty good and cheap to.

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              The sushi place in the Porter Square Exchange is Kotobukiya (not to be confused with the Japanese grocery there with the same name). It may be relatively cheap, but the few times I've been there I've always been served without doubt the worst sushi I've ever had in Boston. I'm talking stuff that smells like a bait shop and doesn't taste good at all. It's the absolute and utter last place I'd recommend for sushi locally.

              1. re: bachslunch

                Kotobukiya is the counter/stall in the food court that serves sushi, but there is also Blue Fin, the sit down Japanese restaurant. Never tried, but I've always heard mixed reviews.

                Absolutely agree that Fugakyu is expensive, but I've never had bad quality sushi there. One of the consistently better places I've been too, and certainly one of the most varied, and offering a wide-ranging Japanese menu. Their atmosphere, while not bad to look at, is a mixed bag. Generally very crowded and very noisy. I also 2nd Sakurabana, if you want a good place right in Boston. Solid quality and good varied choices.

                Oga in Natick is always a favorite of mine for overall Japanese food, who do sushi quite well too. Worth a trip IMO.

                1. re: kobuta

                  Bluefin used to be quite mediocre. Years ago. More recently, I find it has been much better, though certainly not a candidate for "best." Like many middle-ground places, there is a huge jump in quality when you order from the specials menu rather than the standard combo plates.

            2. It's not in Boston but in the "burbs" the best sushi IMHO is at Sushi Island in Wakefield Center. It is a Japanese owned and operated place and I would put it up just about any place in town except maybe O-Ya or Oishii but the prices at Suhi Island are sure a lot more reasonable.

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              1. re: RoyRon

                and they do feature daily specials from the Tsukiji fish auction, rather than just cryocac'd tilapia and 2+ yellowfin tuna.

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                  I THIRD the nomnation for Sushi Island. DELISH!!!

                  1. re: bostonfoodie111

                    For the very best sushi/sashimi, you'll have to pony up and pay for Oishii, O Ya or Uni. Each is a bit different --- Oishii is probably the most traditional style of sushi, Uni the most non-traditional, and O Ya somewhere in between. All three are fantastic and very expensive.

                    Down a notch, I would suggest Shiki in Brookline and Umi in the fenway area. Shiki has very high quality traditional Japanese sushi; Umi is best at the more "Californian" or "American" style of interesting maki.

                    Blue Fin in Porter Square can be a little inconsistent, but I have generally had good sushi there, at a very high "bang for the buck." Koreana in Central Square also has better than decent sushi.

                    I live in Harvard Square, but there's nowhere in the square that I could recommend. Takemura and Shilla aren't terrible, but they are not good. Cafe Sushi is terrible. Blue Fin and Koreana are the two closest places that are good. Roka used to be in easy walking distance down Mass Ave towards Central Square a bit, but they are no longer there. The same people who owned Roka now own Shiki.