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craft burger

wanted to check out the veggie burger at "craft burger"...but there was a line up of 8 people in front of me, on a friday at 1:45 p.m.
Is it worth the wait?....

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  1. i had a regular burger there nothing special at all. Have you tried to Veg at Burger Shop there Hamburgers are pretty good, so guessing the veggie should be to

    1. I had a reg burger there and like visual hornet, it was nothing special. the BF had the veggie burger. He didn't complain but said he wouldn't get it again, and doesn't recommend it but wouldn't elaborate further.

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        And it's more expensive than meat.

      2. I work close by and a huge burger fan (and yet to find the mother of burgers in toronto). I went in, and decided i'll give them their best shot. Got the organic burger with the works (bacon, cheese and mushroom) came to $14!!! Normal burger is $7 i think without cheese.

        I asked for medium rare, the said they only make it one way, medium. Came out well done and over cooked. I won't go back. Much better burger at Wood Oven Grill in Kensigton. Superb in comparison and cheaper in deed.

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          You will always pay more for organic.

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            Ya - apparently organic now contains arsenic! Maybe that is what the extra cost was for. See the recall news from loblaws for details.

            Nothing is organic......

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              Like I said, you will always pay more for organic.

        2. I went to Craft Burger for the first time today at about 3 in the afternoon. It wasn't busy at all, and as I've been walking past it ever since the sun started to poke through the clouds during my lunch breaks I've been wanting to try it. So after a coworker mentioned that she wanted McDonalds for lunch, I knew I had to intervene and bring her there. Plus, at that time I knew it wouldn't be lined up out the door.

          We ordered the burger combos to go. I went with the onion rings, she with the fries. Her eyes lit up after seeing fresh, thick patties being laid out on the grill and after about 10 minutes we were on our way back to continue working away while working away at our lunch. After my first bite, I messaged her and asked "So?" She replied with a smiley emoticon.


          The burgers there taste a bit like Harveys' used to, crossed with how Lick's once were. Not too greasy and certainly not dry. Not quite well done (mine had just a tiny bit pink after walking for 10 minutes) with the right level of charred flavour and mixed with the standard toppings they offer, I honestly think its the best deal in the area. The buns were substantial, but not eggy or sugary or overly fluffy. My burger stayed intact and didn't drip condiments all over the paper wrapping or my desk right to the last bite.

          I mentioned previously that I'd ordered the onion rings which were a bit disappointing given the caliber of burger Craft served up. They were overly battered and obviously frozen - I had two that were stuck together. I'd hoped that they were made in house like their fries were (my coworker remarked that she could tell they weren't frozen) and really, how hard are onion rings to make from scratch? Nonetheless, they were crunchy and substantial and not greasy but I also of wish they'd package them differently instead of in a muffin/bagel type bag. They're kind of hard to apply ketchup to and fork out that way.

          But in all, today's lunch was a wonderful treat which I hope to introduce more of my coworkers to. I grabbed a couple of their menus and distributed them around to my foodie friends there as we all need a diversion from what Zupa serves from time to time.

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            Glad you enjoyed it. My burger was so chewy and full of gristle that my jaw actually hurt after eating it. Never again.

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              That is a decent review. Especially for the onion rings. Good onion rings are hard to find.

              There may be many "burger purists" around here saying this and that but your review is bang on!

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                I work practically across the street but the crowding has kept me away (I'm a little claustrophobic). I tried it yesterday for the first time, having lunch very late. It was a decent burger, but not super special. A little gristly, a little overdone. I'd eat there again, but wouldn't wait in line.

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                  I can't believe how many people describe the burger as gristly - eww

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                    I've eaten there twice, and while I don't know about the use of the adjective "gristly", the burger was overdone and simply so-so. Fries and onion rings were also both merely so-so. Worth a stop if you're frequently in the neighbourhood. Otherwise don't bother, IMO.

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                      When I hear a gristly burger I imagine that there are parts that are difficult to chew... was that the case?

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                        I haven't noticed that either time, nor has my husband, who's eaten there maybe five times.

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                          I have eaten there maybe 5 times. I havent ordered the frozen rings since the first disappointing visit but then again I also cant stand the frozen A&W rings that everyone seems to love.

                          Of the burgers, I've only ordered the organic beef patty and I too have had one that was gristly (yes - difficult to chew chunks in the patty), but the other 4 were "normal". I have enjoyed the chicken sandwich when I've requested extra seasoning. It is generous.

                          I work nearby so I eat there sometimes. I find the burger too dry to get excited about it - even though slightly pink inside. I do like the bun.

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                            Yeah, there were a couple of small bits that weren't really chewable. Not enough to make me stop eating, but still, I was surprised.

                  2. I had their burgers recently and thought they were excellent. Great flavour and juicy. The Craft Bleu was particularly good. Also, excellent poutine. I found no gristle in two burgers. The meat had great flavour and the burgers were not over coked.

                    1. Tried it out and wont be back, the meat was decent but nothing special. Fries and onion rings both frozen "Its not much work to make your own fries and onion rings considering the size of their menu" . Simply put, nothing special, how I wished it would have been.

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                        I have to take back this negative review I gave. Craft Burger has become my go to place for a good burger, not amazing, but a good burger joint none the less. I stay away from the sides just because the burger is filling enough but the poutine is pretty darn good and I am happy to say I recommend this place if you are in the area. The girlfriend likes the blue burger but I'm still getting used to blue cheese to I get the regular craft burger.

                      2. I can't believe nobody has mentioned the poutine. Amazing poutine. Real curds people. Real curds. In terms of burgers, for me it hit's the spot. I would agree that they overcook them. I tried a couple times asking them to cook it as little as possible. No luck. They are real tight assed about the whole raw meat thing. It doesn't have to be grey and kind of dry to be safe. Having said that, even a little overcooked I don't find it "grissly". It's good quality meat and the organic burgers real tasty. Above all go for the poutine. Ummy.

                        PS For about $3.00 more you can get a burger at Kiwi accross the street for lunch.

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                          "I can't believe nobody has mentioned the poutine."

                          I can't believe you didn't read my post. Oh wait, yes I can.


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                            Grilledcheese, I'm very sorry, I skimmed by your poutine praises.

                        2. I've always had a great meal there, every time. Only thing is that its expensive, and also, weirdly enough, it's cheaper to get fries and drink with a burger than just fries. Funny.

                          1. Walked past this place last week, went in today. I gotta say it was a mighty tasty burger, and the fries were fantastic. Yes it's a little pricey, but no more so than a combo at Lick's. I'll be back, and include it in Burger Tour 2008.

                            1. Ground beef well-done is to die for. I'd rather have a samosa or a patty or a roti or an empanada or Cantonese chow mein as fast food; something one couldn't easily whip up at home and something that doesn't break the budget. The fascination with poorly executed cheap meat is curious to say the least. Oh well, pass the piri piri ...

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                                I've had my hand licked by a few of them but it hasn't induced me to kow-tow to their end product at any price.

                                Besides, overcooking beef as is the norm at burger boutiques, no matter its section of origin, invariably cheapens the meat. I'll take a well-seasoned medium rare hamburger made with lean ground beef from a supermarket any day over an upscale hockey puck loaded with compensatory toppings.

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                                  Craft burger is not a hockey puck and their burgers are pink and can be ordered rare. Have u been?

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                                    This is certainly not possible at the Burger Shoppe (from common original owner). If I go there (I'll be at Lee Valley Tools across the street next week) and I don't get a juicy rare burger with fresh cut fries, will you refund my money :-)

                                    1. re: embee

                                      Hey Embee. Let me qualify. Not the very best burgers from a restaurant, but I think they are great burgers for fast food. I like the bun and I enjoy the fried onions. (sometimes I get the spicy mayo too but not usually)

                                      The original burger - they will serve it pink normally and it can be ordered rare. It is a larger sized patty than burger shoppe was when they opened and the ratio to bun is perfect for me. The beef while pink can still have a bit of chew, I don't know why as it doesnt seem like gristle. I like a bit of chew though as I don't like mushy burgers. They are char-grilled and have a nice flavour. I think Craft burger is a great improvement over what Burger Shoppe was when they opened (haven't been back). They are far superior to the norm out there while not quite backyard burgers.

                                      Hope you enjoy. Check is in the envelope....hope I don't need to post it!

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                                      I have not been to Craft Burger but will try them. I was referring to the general ineptitude in preparing such a basic foodstuff as the hamburger: it can be an art but it sure ain't rocket science.

                                  2. re: mrbozo

                                    Do you mean "well done" or do you mean "done well"?

                                    Actually, I'm happy as a clam to eat well done beef in the form of samosas, patties, kibbes, kebabs, and such because these foods are all about great spicing. But a plain burger, tasting mainly of the beef, has got to be seared outside and pink and juicy within or it isn't worth eating at all.

                                    I've had food poisoning so bad that the prospect of dying seemed a good idea. However, I've never become sick from eating rare ground beef.

                                    1. re: embee

                                      I agree with you 100% on all counts.

                                  3. Pretty decent burger, cooked medium rare as I requested (unlike Hero, which can only cooked it medium-well). However, I was a tad annoyed to discover that my Craft Bleu order was missing the avocado it was supposed to come with. I only reailsed the ingredient was missing when I opened the take-away at school.
                                    Also, I purchased one Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk with Toffee Crunch. It was a little too sweet for my liking. Couldn't detect any toffee pieces or buttery-goodness taste either.

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                                      Most of the reviews I read said the onion rings aren't that good. Are the fries better?

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                                        i liked the fries! The burgers (beef) were OK. I've had better burgers elsewhere (In n Out, shake shack etc).


                                    2. I gotta say its a decent burger as I love avocado on mine...

                                      but man do the fries suck and are extremely overpriced!

                                      1. i can't believe how many people dislike craft. i go to that and burger shoppe frequently and have seriously never been let down. for me, it's the hands-down most reliable burger in the city - the organic with white cheddar rocks my world. have never once found it to be over cooked, i love the fries, i love everything about it. mmm, i could eat one now!

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                                          How are the fries? Fresh or frozen? Crispy? From what I read, people either love or hate them. Also saw comments that they're very salty..?

                                        2. Checked out Craft Burger on King St. this week. I ordered the Regular Burger Combo which includes a regular burger, fries and a drink for an even $10.

                                          The burger meat was pink on the inside but was surprisingly dry. I didn’t find it "gristly". The flavour of the meat was decent and I could taste the beefiness of the burger. The size of the burger was good, not too big or too small. The bun was slightly larger than the meat, which was ok because it prevented the toppings from moving around and making a big mess. Overall the burger was decent but not great. The dryness of the meat was a big let down. How can you cook a burger that’s pink on the inside but dry?

                                          The fries were the way I like them. They were a deep brown but not burnt. They were crispy on the outside and soft (not squishy) on the inside. The fries were seasoned well enough that I didn’t need ketchup for them (I like ketchup on fries).

                                          I will go back to try their signature burgers, but this experience was not worth the $10. I'm hoping next time, the meat will be juicer or I won't be back.

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                                            Not enough fat in the meat... juice=fat ... yummy yummy fat...

                                            1. re: OnDaGo

                                              Either that or they press the meat down on the grill to squish out the natural beef juice.

                                              To elaborate more on the fries for LTL, the fries seem to be cut earlier in the day and then fried to order. They removed the cut potatoes from a large bin and put them in the fryer. They did not look frozen but I dont know for sure. They were a deep brown colour and crispy. A tad on the salty side but not overly so. I usually need ketchup to enjoy fries because I find most fries greasy and the ketchup helps. But these fries were not greasy at all. The bag they came in had microscopic traces of oil.

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                                                Thanks for the extra details. That sounds pretty yummy! Not sure if I want to try the burger after reading all reviews though.

                                                1. re: LTL

                                                  Give the burger a try so you can form your own opinion. Maybe you'll enjoy it. Report back on the fries and let me know if my experience wasn't a fluke.

                                                  1. re: fonz

                                                    Don't worry. Even though I may sometimes have doubts, I'll always try things once to see how it is myself ;) Different tastes and all that. Will report back next week after I try it.

                                          2. Just tried craft burger, it definitely satisfied the craving.. it wasn't bad but wasn't amazing. On the other hand, the fries were really good and might have been a slight salty but I loved the seasoning and would go back for the fries. My SO brought takeout home and the fries were still crunchy when they arrived.