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Feb 9, 2008 02:02 PM

Les Papilles-the best-what about NYC? [Moved from France board]

Does anyone know of anything at all like Les papilles in NYC area? The unique "in the store" setting with a small excellent menu and a homey feeling was one of our favs in Paris. WE loved it so much we need to find a similar place in NY

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  1. I am rarely stumped, but this did it. There is nothing the least bit like it in NY, as far as I know.
    I ate there once-it is just a little wine shop with a few tables for dinner and with a fixed menu that changes daily; everyone eats the same thing. The night I dined the food was good, but not geared to the American palate; the soup was full of blood sausage and the plat was a very non-lean pork belly. The waiter was pleasant, but he wore a Marshall University t-shirt. He was surprised when I told him that that university was mainly known for an airplane crash that wiped out the entire football team.

    1. There is actually a fairly new place in the West Village (in NYC) a bit similar to Les Papilles. It's called Market Table, located on the corner of Carmine & Bedford Streets (in the space formerly occupied by Shopsin).