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Feb 9, 2008 01:45 PM

Needs dish suggestions for O-Mei and Fantasy Eatery

My parents are in town these next few weeks and I want to take them to a few Chinese restaurants.

What kinds of dishes should I order if I plan to go to O-Mei as well as Fantasy Eatery? There's only going to be 4 of us and a 2 yr old, so getting the 9 lb lobster x4 ways from O-Mei is probably out of the question (although I'm dying to try it). Maybe I should call up more friends...

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  1. I think Fantasy does a lot of things well. I love the batter fried oysters, the batter fried little fish (whitefish) are great too. The orange pork chops are good, they do a great eggplant hot pot I could go on and on.... the fried rice and noodles there are only mediocre, but i only order those things at Fantasy when there are picky eaters at the table who consider seafood too exotic.

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      I would like to know what to order at Fantasy as well. I have not gone in a long time, long lineups. But after reading so much about it on this board, I went for lunch last week. The congee was very watery. The stirfry noodles were less than inspiring.

      Maybe I did not order the house specials?

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        I think the stength of Fantasy is not on noodle/congee... The stength is their "wok hay" dishes. Order those from the meat/seafood/vegetable section, with a bowl of plain rice to eat with, it will be great !

    2. Hello Royaljelly. For four people, you can ask the manager at O'Mei to pick out a smaller ( 5-6 lbs ) lobster and do it 3 ways instead! Other nicely done dishes include the Stirred fry Chinese preserve meat with Gai Lan using rice wine and ginger juice and the Steamed mince pork pate with diced/minced waterchestnut, Chinese mushroom and dried squid, The house special free range chicken is pretty good too.

      As for Fantasy Eatery, my favourite is still their Herbed and Rose flavoured soya sauce free range chicken ( limited edition - usually sold out by 8 pm ). The veal short ribs in a honey sweet 'Western' glaze is very addictive, Stirred fry conch meat with yellowing chives or King mushrooms is good and value for money. Their Dungeness crab ( over 10 different cooking styles ) at around $12 each is a steal. The Oil poached live 'Sheun Hock' fish from Thailand is one of the best tasting fish dishes in town. Though a bit expensive at around $28+.
      Happy Chowing!

      1. Yes, the highlight is the lobster 4 ways in Omei. As Charles said. try a 6 lbs lobsters. I think it can be done in 4 ways for a 6 lbs. Plus 2 "budda jumps over wall" to share or a dish of vegetable, it will be enough food for your party of 4 !

        1. Dishes that Mom and I always go for at fantasy eatery are:
          -deep fried chicken wings with spices
          -chiu chow style duck (mmmm.... )
          -spicy pork chops
          -stir fried gai lan with beef
          -steamed oyster with garlic
          -eggplant with olives and minced pork hot pot (reeeeeeally good)

          1. Thanks guys for all the recos so far... so for O-Mei, if they only allow me to do the smaller lobster 3 ways, which 3 of the 4 ways should I try? Looks like I may need to go to Fantasy Eatery twice...

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              Lobster tail done in their 'house secret' stirred fry way. The claws and head fried with pepper salt sans batter. The brain and/or roe for fried rice.