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Feb 9, 2008 01:44 PM

Spicy Mina Tomorrow - Unless..

Friends and I are taking out a birthday boy to Barcade on Sunday afternoon, and then I thought we should take him to Spicy Mina for dinner. I just passed it the other day after an amazing lunch at Sripraphai. We're New Jerseyans, and although I haunt this board and the Mid-Atlantic board, I don't know a lot about Williamsburg.

So it's only a 5 mile drive from Barcade to Spicy Mina. He loves spicy Indian, and from what I've seen on this board, this is where to go. We thought about Sripraphai, but we've all been. We also thought Bonita, but noone wants Mexican.

So, have we made a good choice? 10 of us at Spicy Mina tomorrow. I think we have.

Now - what to get? Also, are there good beer stores nearby?

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  1. I don't know of any good beer stores in the immediate vicinity, but if your travels take you through the part of Broadway that runs through Astoria (which is to say, if your route from Jersey takes you over the Triboro), Heliopolis Market on Broadway between 33rd/34th (spicy mina is on broadway between 64th and 65th) has a good selection of microbrews, including the kind of stuff you would want with Spicy Mina fare (e.g., Stone IPA). But if you're coming from Brooklyn, which your post suggests, you will probably want to grab beer in Williamsburg.

    The big problem with Spicy Mina's, as I'm sure you've gathered from the threads, is that she often has "off nights." But when she's on, she's on. We really love the mulligatawny, the mughlai paratha, the mustard fish, the veggie kofta, the fish kofta, teh dal fry. Everything is great (again, when she's 'on'). I don't think the "off night" phenomenon should necessarily discourage you from going- at its best, Spicy Mina prepares the best South Asian food I've ever had in this city. So I think it's worth a shot. Enjoy.

    1. Maybe ask when you go in if Mina is cooking that night. If she is, then your chances of a good meal go up. If I have been there 12 times 1 or 2 have been spectacular, 6 or 7 have been OK, and 3 or 4 have been inedible. My complaint is mostly that the meat is very poor quality, and sometimes whoever the chef is that night simply doesn't seem to care at all. The good meals however were cooked by Mina herself. As the previous post states, when she's on she's on, and it is fabulous.

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        I think that the naysayers might be eating more meat than the proselytizers. I agree the meat can be gristly and poor quality. The freshly shredded and fried out of this world vegetable pakoras are always exceptional and the rose lassi (off menu) always creamy and luscious. the preparation of the vegetable dishes can be widely variable--soupier at times, drier at others, variable in heat intensity, etc--but regardless of the preparation of the day, I've never gone wrong with the dal fry and the palak paneer. throw in an onion kulcha and baingan achar (pickled eggplant, also off menu?) to top off the greatness.

      2. if not, pio pio is a great and cheap birthday choice in jackson heights.

        1. Too late for aacharya but if anyone else has the same Q - I live in Woodside and like the big Korean bodega (Jin's Big Apple) on Roosevelt Ave. bt. 61st and 60th. They have organic beer, Brooklyn Lager, and Mike's. They have most of these in the grocery store next door too. Not sure which place is cheaper.

          Went to Spicy Mina for the first time in a long time last Saturday for dinner. Got the dal fry, the okra dish (last item in veggie part of the menu) a chicken dish, and the pakoras.

          Everything was very tasty - the okra dish had little bits of sweet potato or pumpkin in them which sounds weird but was really surprising and good. Wish they had more business!