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Feb 9, 2008 01:40 PM

Milk-based glaze; refrigerate the cake?

I just made a beautiful apple-pecan cake, and put a vanilla glaze on it. The cake won't be eaten until tomorrow. Since there's milk in the glaze, will I need to refrigerate the cake tonight? Thanks--

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  1. I've never even considering doing that. I've always left mine out and never had a problem. It should be fine.

    1. you should be fine, and if you refrigerate it now, the consistency & texture won't be as good tomorrow when you bring it back up to temp.

      in the future if you're concerned, make the cake the day before and just wait until a couple of hours before serving to glaze it.

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        Assuming this is a very sweet glaze, as they usually are, the sugar is more than enough preservative for at least a couple of days unless it's very warm and while the cake would probably taste OK out of the fridge, it will probably taste better for not being refrigerated - they usually do anyway...