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Feb 9, 2008 01:34 PM


Did anyone else read the article 'Eater's Anonymous' in this months' edition? Interesting read. But what really caught my eye was a comment made by chef Greg Couillard of the Spice Room. He feels that critics should wait until a restaurant's been open at least half a year before reviewing it. WTF? Okay I can understand a grace period of say a couple of weeks to get things sorted out so to speak but 6 MONTHS??? In my mind, if he's not ready for the critics then he shouldn't be open, OR we should ALL stay away for the first 6 months.

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  1. I had the SAME reaction to that comment! If you think critics aren't going to like your restaurant in 6 months should regular customers be coming in and spending HUNDREDS of dollars on potentially subpar food? I've never been to a Greg Couillard restaurant but that comment rubbed me the wrong way on so many levels.


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      What caught my eye was the Joanne Kates comment:
      " I don't think a food blogger, AND THIS INCLUDES SOMEONE POSTING ON CHOWHOUND (my capitals), should be confused with a restaurant critic".
      My comments will follow when I manage to edit them down to less than booklength.
      But of course, if Kates doesn't consider "us" critics, then it's fair game for us to criticize Couillard!

      PS This article is not yet on-line. So go out and find the magazine - it's distributed free.

    2. did any bloggers or hounders get interviewed?

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        Are you kidding? Balanced reporting? NOT. She doesn't know any of our backgrounds, but just assumes that because we participate with interest in Chowhound and other sites, we couldn't possibly have any real credentials... Sheesh.

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          I received an email (my email address is listed on my profile) requesting an 'immediate' contact because of the imminent deadline. I responded and was called back 3 days later - but the article was apparently already written by then. I did co-operate in a brief telephone interview, but could provide nothing 'sensational' (essentially I said there was a place for anyone/everyone). I did not find anything in the article relating to my discussions.
          Maybe I should have said I needed at least half a year to get my act together before responding!

          1. re: estufarian

            i was actually emailed as well but they never called me back and just sent an email saying how they wanted to do a bloggers vs critics article and that it was already written.

            looks like it turned into critics slagging bloggers. nice intentions, very poor execution.