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Feb 9, 2008 01:33 PM

handicapped accessible lunch - Neptune/asbury park area

My parents live in Seabrook off Rt. 66 in Neptune and we would love to find some nice places to take them for lunch (or even dinner). We're not familiar with the area and so far have only found some truly awful chains, (applebee's, chili's) and some bad local restaurants - Attilio's, Beacon Street, Red Hens. Can anyone recommend anything with good food? My dad is not adventuresome, he really only likes Italian and American . They love steak. The restaurants I do know of aren't open for lunch. All suggestions are most appreciated. We have discovered Pete & Eldas - our favorite for pizza!

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  1. PAfoodie
    - I understand your frustration. I too have relatives in Seabrook and finding someplace around there can be tricky especially as you mentioned for lunch time. Here are some good choices keeping the "old folks" (as we so affectionately like to call them in mind!)

    -Old Man Rafferty's, Asbury Park - the food is not haute cuisine BUT they do have a wonderful lunch menu very reasonably priced American fare, they are def. handicapped accesible (VERY spacious dining room. They are very patient which i feel is needed sometimes & all the times I have been there for lunch we have never felt rushed)

    - Brennan's Steakhouse, Neptune City- One of the better places for steak in the area (right near Pete & Elda's) IMHO....I'm not sure if they do lunch but they do have a super early bird special during the week (like 4 pm early!) that we have brought the "old folks" to. The only downside is it can get a little noisy.

    Jimmy's in Asbury Park would be a great place to take them but I can not find out if they do lunch but it is a real "red sauce" Italian place. excellent. I can for sure tell you that they do start dinnner early though. Unfortuantely their website is down.

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      Stack - thanks for the suggestions! Brennan's sounds like it would be right up my dad's alley. I looked Jimmy's up online - it is open for lunch, but prices seem steep - is the food worth it? Also, on 35 South is Jameson's, there's a blog on here that says the bbque there is great, so if your folks are ok with very casual, that's a lunch option too. If you cont. down 35 south, Sunsets is right on the water (where the Old Tides Cafe used to be, just past Headliner) and they are also open for lunch and have a patio to watch the boats and the sunsets in nice weather. Bradley Beach has tons of good restaurants, but the only one I could find open for lunch is Piancone's. I haven't been in years, but that's an option too. In case you haven't discovered it yet - there is a strip mall at the corner of Jumping Brook and Asbury Ave where there is a Taste of Italy, a chicken place and a decent Chinese/japanese restaurant. Across Asbury Ave; where Attilio's is located, a new Mexican restaurant opened. I haven't tried it and my folks won't eat there, but it might be an option for you too. If you come across any other places, please post!

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