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Feb 9, 2008 01:07 PM

Cochinita Pibil: Sazon, Azul or ???

Looking for the best in town. I know that these places, and Los Pinos all have it. I'm hoping to read first hand knowledge of, and recommendations for. Thanks

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  1. curras, el meson, fuegos, fonda san miguel

    1. It has been a while, but i've liked Azul's version the can really taste the banana leaf. I like the big chunks, rather than the bits and pieces.

      1. I need to try Azul. So far, I've had Sazon and Curra's and I like Sazon's much better. It's moister and a little bit "fruitier" as well. I like the accompaniments better too as I like to take a corn tortilla, put some of the black beans on it, some of the pork, the onions and the plantain and eat it like that. The combo is much better at Sazon for me than Curra's.

        1. So we tried the CP at Los Pinos last night. It was ok- large chunks, heavy banana leaf influence. I had the fajitas guajillo- and we actually decided that it was the better of the two dishes. Both the corn and flour tortillas are amazing too- homemade! Nothing but raves about this place.

          1. I made the right decision last night on choosing Azul for the first time after reading this post. I've only tried CP at El Meson but Azul had a different maybe more moist version. Add to the fact I haven't had plaintains in ages. I would give it top rating. Also some of the best salsa I think I've ever had. Plenty of heat, plenty of flavor. I believe the chips were probably homemade and were the thicker type but with the right brittle crunch often lacking in this variety. Service was outstanding and I look forward to working this menu;enchiladas pipian.