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Feb 9, 2008 01:06 PM

New korean chinese place in Annandale

There is a new korean chinese place in Annandale. It is located where Jing Sung Garden used to be across the street from Kmart and jukebox diner.

This new place has now brought hand pulled noodles back to Annandale. Went for lunch today. We had Ghun Mandu, ja jang mein, jam pong and udon. The Ghun mandu was overly greasy and the filling wasn't amazing. Kids liked it but I wasn't crazy about them.

As for the noodle dishes, they were all fantastic. The noodles themselves were clearly freshly made. They were velvety smooth and had the just the right resilliancy. Just excellent. You could also hear the dough being slamed as they were making them.

The ja jang mein sauce was also excellent. Made from blk bean paste, they were not overly salty or sweet or gluey. Very flavorful with good amount of meat and veggies. We got both the traditional which is a bit more "soupy" and the more dry sauce gan ja jang (pan fried sauce). Both were excellent.

Jampong was excellent. Fantastic noodles swiming in a spicy soup with lots of seafood and veggies. For me this was the best dish. The soup had a great depth of flavor, wasn't too too salty and had the right heat. Udon (the korean rendition, don't expect the japanese version) was also good but couldn't really hold a candle to either the jampong or ja jang mein (however, this is because of my personal taste).

The place just open and service was a bit slow. I was there at noon and there was not a free table. Also the wait line was running out the door. I'll go back in the next couple weeks and try some of my other favorite dishes (gun pong gee).

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  1. Did you notice any jap chae on the menu?

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      1. re: chowmac

        On john marr btwn Little river turnpike and columbia pike.

      2. Given that this is an old thread, wanted to ask if anyone knows if this place is still here. And what the name of the restaurant is.

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        1. re: ILoveBacon

          I go there all the time and it is still there. I still cannot recall the name but the place is solid. I'd recommend it especially if you like the korean chinese genre which is unique (some people aren't crazy about it). It is not chinese food.