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Feb 9, 2008 12:36 PM

Non romantic, non Valentine-y dinner on V day?

I am meeting a couple of old friends, and unfortunately the V-day evening was the only time that worked for us. We will be out for a few drinks and dinner with lots of conversation. Ideally one should just stay at home in that ridiculous day, cook and have a nice homemade supper; but noone was able to host the night as well. I thought about going to Chinatown (always the best bet for thematic holidays), but I am open to other suggestions. It should be tasty but more importantly they shouldn't try to kick us out after 45 minutes like they tend to do (or at least imply) in more casual places. Pricewise we are somewhat flexible, but we don't want anything precious or fancy. Just honest food, cosy atmosphere that facilitates good conversation (read: no love bunnies around). Plateau, downtown or CDN are preferred. Merci!

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  1. Chinatown might be good, or perhaps a pub like Brasserie Brunoise or L'Amere a Boire? I personally hide indoors on Valentine's Day, so I can't vouch for either spot.

    1. Howdy!

      Off the top of my head, I'd suggest anyone of the following as being completely and thoroughly unromantic: L'Express, La Maison Bulgogi, Panama, Le Roi du Plateau, Cluny (it IS a Thursday - and while Patrick is likely to think of pink hearts, I would guess that the clientele is too jaded and too hip to pay attention :-) and Daou. Some will be louder than others, but conversation will still be possible at all of them.

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        Cluny's an interesting idea but they may actually be offering a special Valentine's dinner (they did a couple of years ago, not that there was anything particularly romantic about it or the diners).

        As a rule, hardcore ethnic places are probably a safe bet. BU and Bouchonné might be too.

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          I am 100% positive that Cluny will be offering a Valentine's dinner. But as you state (slightly clearer than me) there won't be "anything romantic about it or the diners."