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Feb 9, 2008 12:21 PM

Waffle House! Are they any good?

We don't have em' out on the West Coast. They sound good. I love waffles. Are they?

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  1. Some are great, some are awful. I don't care for the waffles, but we always enjoy ourselves at one near our house.

    1. I love WH. Steak n Eggs w/ a side of grits is usualy what I eat. The only problem w/ WH is there are always packed (at least around here).

      1. Better than they have any right to be. It's the quintessential American greasy spoon. The open kitchen lets you watch them make the food, there's good music on the jukebox, and nothing soaks up a night's drinking better than a double order of hash browns all the way... cheese, onion, ham, chili, tomatoes, mushrooms, jalapeƱos, and at a couple around here green chiles too.

        1. They're especially good at 2 in the morning after a long night out with friends. :-)

          I agree with jimmy, though - some are great, and then you're taking your life into your hands when you walk into others. If you find a good one, though, their hamburgers are the peak of greasy diner-type burger perfection.

          1. I personally like the pecan waffles and the grits, the lunch foods not so much. The surroundings help--the use of space is ingenious. Another presentation plus--big, thick coffee mugs that actually keep the coffee hot, especially since the dishes turn over so frequently that the mug was probably already hot when the coffee was poured in. An Indiana offshoot: Waffle & Steak.