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Feb 9, 2008 11:40 AM

Foodie Valentine's Day Dinner on the Early Side?

We are on the waitlist for the Chocolate Room's V-Day special at 10pm, and yours truly has dropped the ball on a suitable dinner reservation for beforehands to give us enough time to make it back for this.

My wife and I are both hardcore foodies, so "decent" is not what we're looking for. A tall order, I know, especially given the short time frame.

So what *really good* eating experiences are likely to have a reservation for 2 on the early side on the big day? We're okay with offbeat, as long as it will be something to remember and enjoy experiencing together. All cuisines are open... e.g. really good soba recs?, but chinatown is out (has to have at least the possibility of being nominally romantic).

Your thoughts? Please keep me out of the doghouse!

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  1. I don't know about "offbeat" but Gotham Bar & Grill will deliver a delicious meal -- and isn't that the bottom line?
    Another fine meal is Vice Versa. And another is davidburke and donatella -- especially if you get there on the early side.
    There are so many to suggest but I am sure others will weigh in with some of their favorite choices as well.

    1. We've been to Park Avenue Bistro (fka Park Bistro) since they re-opened. Food's better than ever and while the ambiance is quite different from the original location, it is very attractive. You might be able to score an early res. Here's the menu:

      VALENTINE'S DAY 2008



      Lobster Bisque - Homemade creamy lobster bisque

      Gourmande Salad - Fresh Foie Gras on a bed of mixed greens with roasted shrimps and black truffle vinaigrette

      Mini Lobster Tacos - Traditional Lobster salad with sliced mango and ripe avocado in one perfect bite with baby arugala greens

      Warm Goat Cheese Salad - Endive and watercress lightly tossed in a citrus vinaigrette
      topped with a warm golden layer of farm fresh goat cheese

      Lobster Ravioli (available as an Entree) - Homemade Ravioli stuffed with fresh Lobster covered with baby shrimps, scallops and tender calamari in a white truffle champagne sauce with shaved aged parmesan

      Blue Point Oysters - Six freshly shucked Atlantic blue point oyster with spicy cocktail sauce or shallot and pepper vinaigrette


      Roasted Halibut - Oven roasted halibut wrapped in feuilles de brique with sauteed leeks and portabella mushrooms topped with a roasted red pepper

      Surf and Turf ($10 added charge) - Grilled ¼ pound lobster tail with salted butter, petit filet mignon and classic béarnaise sauce with potato galette and asparagus tips

      Long Island Sea Scallops - Jumbo North Fork sea scallops with a rich cauliflower puree drizzled with fresh chive oil

      Poor Man's Lobster Risotto - Pan sauteed Monk Fish on a bed of lobster risotto
      finished with a saffron sauce

      Medallions of Veal - Sliced medallions of herbed rubbed veal with a port wine sauce
      creamy lobster timbale with broccoli rabe and dramatic potato gaufrettes

      Crispy Duck - Oven brown breast of duck sliced over braised red cabbage with a brandy griottine cherry sauce

      Rack of Lamb - Grilled rack of lamb au jus with a mint pear chutney and traditional potato gratin with baby vegetables


      Vanilla Creme Brulee - Classic crème brulee with fresh vanilla beans

      Chocolate Tart - Warm chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream

      Apple Tart - Warm apple tart on puff pastry with vanilla ice cream

      L'amour - Creamy white chocolate mousse stuffed with fresh raspberries

      $85 per person

      Park Avenue Bistro
      377 Park Av. S.
      Between 26th & 27th Sts.
      Tel:(212) 689-1360

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      1. re: RGR

        Cornelia Street Cafe is only 55 bucks and is wonderful as always

      2. Based on Opentable there are still tables at around 5 or 6pm at Alto, Bar Blanc, Aquavit, I Trulli, Fleur de Sel, etc. Those are fine places for celebrating V-day.

        1. I'm not sure if you can still get reservations, but my boyfriend and I had a lovely experience at DB Bistro Moderne. I'm not sure what they have going on for Valentine's Day, but their regular menu items are relatively reasonably priced. The food and the service were excellent... I'm partial to the duck confit.