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Feb 9, 2008 11:01 AM

Need help with Boston weekend

I am coming next weekend to Boston. We are going to Oleana on Friday. Thank you for helping me pick that!!! We also want to go to a restaurant on the North End. We want wonderful food, we are vegetarian but most Italian is pretty vegi friendly. Any thoughts?
Also, I love fine teas and I love to get some when I travel. I have been to Tealuxe. Where can I buy nice interesting black teas?
This is such a great board, you have all been so helpful in so many ways! Thanks!!

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  1. Tea Zone in somerville is nice, lots of high quality tea and a staff that doesn't mind you spending 20 minutes sniffing the various teas and poking into containers with your own hands - 15A Elm CT, Somerville, MA 02144, (617) 628-3238. If you weren't a vegetarian I'd recommend you pop in to Tacos Lupita next door and crunch down on a torta al pastor :-)

    1. There are two good tea shops on Newbury St. Unfortunately can't remember the name of either one. One is upstairs between Berkeley and Clarendon (right side of the street if you're facing away from the Public Garden) over the L'Aroma Cafe. The other is down the street on the other side - can't remember if it's after Dartmouth or Exeter. (If you don't know Boston well, the side streets between the Public Garden and Mass Ave go A, B, C.

      There are tons of North End threads on this board, have you done a search?

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        I've been on a tea kick for a few months and after shopping around town have come back to Tealuxe. The blue flower earl grey is strong & rich, and the mango (it's black tea) is a huge, luscious flavor. I've had a problem with freshness from other places that probably don't have the turnover. The Newbury - after Dartmouth - shop is Whittard of Chelsea. Cute place, friendly staff - go for the loose, unpackaged stuff. Dado Tea - in Harvard Square - is good for a cup. Tea Zone is great. High tea at the Taj (used to be the Ritz) is straight old black tea, but it's really nice, if you're in the mood for little pastries, too.

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          Thank you for the great tea info!!! We are staying at The Taj so we will have to try the High Tea. We will be exploring Newbury so I am sure we will find the tea shops. I am sort of a purist, I love "straight old black tea". Tea Zone also sounds great! THANKS!!
          I must research further for North End info.

          1. re: Alica

            I really like Marco on Hanover St in the North End. I've always been very impressed by the food and the service. Plus the atmosphere seems (to me, at least) to be a lot more intimate and less generic than many other places in the neighborhood. The lines are long, but definitely check out Modern Pastry nearby for dessert. I'm not sure if you eat seafood, but I have a friend who LOVES Neptune Oyster (tho I've never been myself)- and that might be worth a try as well.

            1. re: luckycaro7

              She's vegetarian so seafood according to her OP so seafood is out the door.

              Second the recommendation for Modern Pastry over Mike's Pastries. But would go to Vittoria for dessert and coffee myself.

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        1. In the North End, for a great value: Giacomo's hands down is your best bet. For a splurge, I'd say Piccolo Nido on North Street. I am vegetarian and have always been delighted with both places.

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            Another vote for Giacomo's. I sent my daughter and her boyfriend there this past weekend and they had a fantastic meal. Modern is good for dessert - good cannoli and great ricotta pie.

            1. re: joebelt

              I LOVE the pasta primavera with homemade pasta at Al Dente in the North End. I usually end up ordering the pasta primavera wherever I go, and this is my favorite. Giacomo's is great if you can brave the line.

              1. re: soxchik

                Thank you!!!!! I have a long list of restaurants to try. I think I have been to some of the dessert places you mentioned. I did the North End tour with Michelle Topur a few times and really learned alot about the North End. There was a bakery that has a 100 year old bread oven that had GREAT pizza strips. North end really is a special place. I will let you know where I get to try. Thank you all again!