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Feb 9, 2008 10:51 AM

Best Cheese Fairfield County

I love Darien Cheese and any cheese with truffles but Darien never gets new varieties with specifically truffles. That was the only way I have ever tried truffles and I am very hooked.
Any suggestions? Didn't love the new cheese store in Greenwich very snotty and small variety.

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  1. I went to the cheese shop in Westport a week or so ago asking about Burrata cheese. The guy explained why he didn't carry it, which I found interesting because I didn't know it had such a short shelf life. Unfortunately he was very standoffish and totally turned me off. I was going to buy some other things because they did seem to have a nice variety, but I was pretty put off by his attitude, especially since I was the only one in the store! Oh well...maybe I caught him on a bad day...or he has something against burrata!

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      There's a cheese shop in Westport? Where?

      1. re: Elizzie's on Main Street, but after the "main" the center where Sally's, Westport Gift and some other shops are.

      2. re: sibeats

        You can get Burrata and other fresh cheeses at Balduccis in Cos Cob. Call ahead to find out when it is scheduled to be delivered

        1. re: Johnct

          Does anyone like cheese with truffles? Do you know where to get it?

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            I believe Balduccis (Cos Cob) carries some. Back of the store cheese case. Call them before making the trip.

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              I live in Westport, so I'll check with the Balducci's there...thanks for the tip!

      3. You may also want to try budding gourmet in Fairfield - it's a cute store that has everything related to entertaining, and they bring cheese in from artisinal. Lots of fun is the combined wine/cheese tasting they do on Saturdays with Harry's wine next door.

        1. which cheese store are you referring to in greenwich? Plum (in cos cob)? It seems like there should be another cheese shop in Greenwich, but I'm drawing a blank...

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          1. I used to buy a beautiful cheese from the Darien shop with specks of real black truffle in it.........It was somewhat of a parmesan-like cheese.......easily shavable over pastas or risotto.......also great for noshing on too..........ask Ken, the more than helpful owner, about it......maybe he can order it if they don't carry it anymore?

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            1. re: southlake

              They do not have it anymore, but I tried something like that at the new restaurant. deli side, in Stamford across from Burlington but it was $40 per pound, way to much for my blood but excellent. i will ask, thanks.

              1. re: nbermas

                There's a new resto called Deli Side?

                1. re: Stamford Talk

                  Where is Deli Side. have you looked in? Does this mean a deli is trying to be a restaurant? If you have tried it is it worth a bite?

            2. The original comment has been removed