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Feb 9, 2008 10:41 AM

Thai Angels in Mt. Kisco - worth the drive?

We're in Rye Brook and thinking Thai tonight. Is Thai Angels in Mt. Kisco worth the almost 30 minute drive or will we do just as well at Little Thai Kitchen in Greenwich (which we know we like) or Tengda (which we've never tried - well done fusion is good, too)?

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  1. I know it's too late to help, but my choice for a Saturday night dinner would have been Tengda. Overall, the ambiance and energy of the restaurant would have been my pick. We prefer Thai Angels for take out or casual lunch. The food is good at both, but overall, I like Tengda better.

    Where did you end up?

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      Tengda, actually. I posted about it. Bottom line, thought it was ok, but that, for a similar idea, the food is at least as good as Asiana or Watermoon and not quite as pricey, so for Asian fusion, we'll probably stick to one of those two, knowing that at all 3 restaurants, we like some dishes much better than others.

    2. Not sure if its too late to post, but IMO anything in Westchester (Thai-wise) is not worth the drive unless you live within walking distance -- I would rather make the trip to Queens and get the real deal. Not crazy about Tengda nor Thai Angels. Sorry, we have been desperate for a great Thai joint for ages now and have finally given up. A 40 minute drive to Queens on a week night with no traffic and we have a whole feast of Thai restaurants to explore!

      1. It's definitely worth the ride. Bring your own wine. No liquor served but worth the trip!!

        1. Can anyone comment as to how this place compares to Little Thai Kitchen in Greenwich CT? I'm debating whether to try one or the other.

          1. Just hit Thai Angel's tonight for dinner. and had a first for us - Thai-American cuisine. As opposed to other Thai restaurants that may be good or bad but relatively Thai (or at worst a Chinese variation on Thai) they basically admitted that they are gearing things for the American palette.

            I started with Larb Gai (which I asked for Thai hot) and that was how it was served. Unfortunately the salad itself was not shredded well. The size of the salad pieces were not proportional to the ground chicken. That was followed by Goong Gra Bog (fried spring roll wrapped shrimp) which were also very good. I ended things with Basil Fried Rice with Shrimp. The basil was a nice flavor change to this more typical Chinese dish.

            My wife's choices didn't fair as well. She started with Thai Iced Coffee which was extremely sweet and had very little milk. That was sent back as unacceptable. She had a soda instead as the drink is pre-made, so the next one would be just as sweet. She then had the Papaya Salad. The peanuts were whole. In fact, nothing was truly processed correctly. The sauce and the rest of the salad never intertwined. She followed that with the fish cakes that she did enjoy, although the texture was not exactly right. Her entree was the Red curry with beef. This was very sweet, which it shouldn't have been (it's the green curry that's sweet), and totally lacking in fish sauce. She took most of it home and will doctor it up and have it as leftovers.

            My wife speaks Thai and was chatting with the waitress who was in agreement that the dishes were as my wife found them.

            The setting itself was very charming and the service was good, but sadly I don't think we'll be back.