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Feb 9, 2008 10:34 AM

Brooklyn Breakfast/Brunch

My friends and I have tried--and after 6-10 years are a little tired of--most of the brunch places in Park Slope/ Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens/Ft Greene/Boerum Hill/etc. Does anyone have recommendations for places a little deeper into Brooklyn? Maybe Midwood, or Bensonhurst, or Sunset Park? Something Russian or Chinese or Mexican maybe?


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  1. I love Saint Germaine's in Bay Ridge. They are a French and also have great baked goods. They have a great weekend brunch in a cozy relaxed atmosphere. 8303 3rd avenue 718-745-8899. R train to 86th Street gets you there.

    1. not any deeper, but we LOVE the brunch at Little D Eatery in the slope. so humane, nice pleasant mellow atmosphere, delicious food, steak and eggs and those saut├ęd mushrooms and bam! incredible, fresh, delicious brunch. besides that, out further is Rico's Tacos- incredible mexican in sunset park. enjoy fb

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        Well, brunch+Chinese=dim sum to me. Several very good options- World Tong(18th Ave and 62nd St) and then there are several places along the 8th Ave Sunset Park Brooklyn Chinatown strip(Pacificana or one on 61st whose name I forget at the moment). I was at World Tong Saturday and it was excellent as usual. Some very exciting stuff there, not just the usual procession of dumplings. Just get to the dim sum parlor before 10:30 or there could be a lengthy wait. And because they have carts where you can the dishes, not being able to speak Chinese isn't an issue

      2. check out Maria's Bistro in sunset park on 5th and 39th. Great mexican brunch menu and unlimited mimosas for $9.99. solid patio in the back too. we love that place.

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          Have you tried Gen Japanese restaurant on St. Marks Ave and Washington Ave. in Prospect Heights? They are open from noon to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

          Another summer twist on brunch in the area is call ahead to get take out from Islands on Washington when it opens and head to the Park for a picnic (much better than eating there). Don't forget to order the sorrell punch.

        2. I completely understand where you're coming from-- I've gotten pretty tired of paying $8-$12 for pancakes or eggs I could have made at home. It's gotta be at least a little "unusual," I think.

          Luckily, I tried the brunch at Euro Trip, on 5th ave and 20th street: Some pretty amazing stuff there. I had some sort of Czech flat-bread, topped with bananas, cream, and a bit of nutella; really fantastic. Of course, all of the dishes involving sausage looked incredible, and I will definitely be going back to give them a try. Can't give any opinions about the eggs.

          They also offer a great selection of breakfast drinks that I'd never seen/heard of before (a welcome addition to the obligatory mimosa and bloody marry). The one I had (which was made with some sort of Hungarian bitters, grape fruit juice and soda) was very good.

          Well worth the $14 prix fixe!