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Feb 9, 2008 10:23 AM


Heading to Firefly tonight for the first time, looking for recommendations on what to order! Anyone tried anything on their "urban picnic" menu? I'm really tempted to try the fondue...Thinking of maybe doing 1 or 2 things off the picnic and sharing an entree, not sure yet!

Thanks in advance :-)

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  1. I was there about a year ago and enjoyed the Burger with parmesan truffle fries. I also tried the scallops and thought that they were pretty good too.

    1. the matzo ball soup was good

      1. cheese is good, didn't get fondue. Salads are good. The spag & meatballs was decent for a non italian place.
        honestly after eating in the back i much prefer just eating in the bar and having some drinks & noshes rather than a meal.

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        1. We had a really good time at Firefly, spent more than I was thinking we would (the fault of a few too many cocktails). We did the fondue, which was a really cute idea and it was fun, but neither of us was overly excited about the flavor of the cheese. For dinner the bf had the scallops, he said he was pleasantly surprised to get 4 big scallops and he said they were quite good, if just slightly bland. I got the mini pot roast, which i absolutely loved. I only wished I hadn't filled up on the fondue so much because I couldn't finish all of my meal. Just delicious. The drink I had was so good, i had 3 or 4 of them (it was some type of pomegranite flavor with sparkling wine). The main negative for both of us (besides the check) was the fact that the tables for 2 along the wall are very close together, i kind of felt like i was sitting in my neighbor's lap. Will try the bar area next time.

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            The proximity of other parties on the two-top was our main complaint about the place, too. I think they could take one table out and make a lot of difference. We went on Valentine's Day and it was really bad. Oh the things I heard...

          2. Firefly doesn't get a lot of praise, but i was a huge fan of the meal i had there in December. We had a really good appetizer, mussels and fried green tomatoes if i remember correctly. my entree was delicious! tuna blt on whole grain with avocado. the tuna was rare and all the flavors were very clean and complimented one another. the bread also, was excellent.

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              True, Firefly doesn;t get a lot of praise but it is a solid little place. A buddy and I used to go in for lunch pretty frequently. They have a great grilled salmon BLT.

              The last time we were there we did a little urban picnicing from their apps list. Skip the stuffed shrooms. Totally blah.