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Nov 13, 2001 07:49 PM

Dark and Delicious

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Searching for a dark, old school restuarant with fabulous service and food somewhere in the middle of the following streets: La Brea to the east, the ocean to the west, Sunset to the north, and Washington Blvd. to the south. Must be classy. Craving a gem.

Have I had one to many martinis?

Any thoughts on Peppone's in Brentwood or Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica?

I am open to ANY and ALL suggestions. Thanks, dollface.

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  1. Sorry dude, just dark and hairy me.

    Anyway Peppone's is servicable, nothing special. Giorgio's is very good but pricey. Good looking people. Nice alternative is Cafe Delfini which is the neighborhood pasta joint, good, big cali/ital food. They also own El Nino (The Bird's Nest) on main street in Santa Monica. If you go the Baldi price range I would go to Drago on that side of town.


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    1. re: oesterlin

      another vote for chianti on melrose. very dark, very intimate. two people sit side by side on the banquettes. very romantic.

    2. v
      Vanessa On The Town

      I think Chianti on Melrose between La Brea and Fairfax fits this description. Very dark, very kind of old New York, classy style restaurant. Sorta pricey, but I think the food and the service are very good there, so worth it.

      1. m
        michael (mea culpa)

        The Galley, Main Street in Santa Monica; The Palm (if you can get a good table), Santa Monica Blvd, Weho; Dan Tana's, ditto; Harry's Bar & American Grill, Century City. Geographically, you eliminated choices like the original Pacific Dining Car and either Taylor's.