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Feb 9, 2008 09:52 AM

Dinner near Glendale Community College?

I'm meeting friends for a show at the Planetarium at Glendale Community College tonight, and would like to find a nearby place for dinner after the show. Someplace walkable would be great, or a short drive as well. I'm not very familiar with the GCC area--any suggestions for good Middle Eastern, Mexican, or Thai or other in the $ 20-30 pp range?

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. La Cabanita! 3447 N. Verdugo Road. Short drive north from GCC.

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    1. re: Bon Vivant

      How funny--that was my first idea, but since I'm not familiar with the area, I thought there might be something closer.

      La Cabanita it is!

    2. While not Mexican, Thai or Middle Eastern, you should at least see the menu at Bashan Bistro/Restaurant just north of Cabanita at 3459 N. Verdugo Road. Maybe a fraction more than you want to spend, yet it is so good per every diner that has posted here on the board.
      Reservations may be difficult, yet the rewards will be worth it if you can snag one.

      Just north of this area on Verdugo is the downtown Montrose business district which has many different food establishments. Just 5-10 minutes north of the college.

      Otherwise, at 343 N. Central just south of the 134 Fwy. is Phoenicia restaurant with good middle eastern food, yet Carousel is also in Glendale, yet you could also do Polish at Polka if traveling south on the 2 Fwy toward I-5 will be where you might be headed any way. It is just west of the 2 Fwy at 4112 Verdugo Road, just north of York Blvd. for more details. Both good as well as affordable. BYO wine.

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      1. re: carter

        The group last night voted for Polka over La Cabanita, and it was a big hit! My gulasz was delicious, and others were very happy with their dishes. It was a ton of food for the price--for those who haven't been, dinner includes a tasty cabbage soup, a small salad, and a cherry-custard dessert. It's BYO.

        Thanks for the suggestion, Carter. Polka is definitely going on our regular-rotation list.

        p.s. Bashan is next on my go-to list.

      2. There is nothing walkable that is great. There is a MacDonalds, another and better burger place, and a kebab place that is not terrible across Verdugo Rd from the College. It is well worth the 1 mile drive north to get to Cabinita or for a more upscale place (maybe the best in the City), Bashan, just a few doors north of Cabinita.

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        1. re: Griller141

          The better burger place is, or used to be called, the Great Grill and has very good burgers -- but it's, er, a run-down old burger shack.

          Just up the road in north Glendale, near Montrose, there's Divina Cucina for very good Italian food (and you must try whatever the special soup of the day is). Also heartily second the La Cabanita recommendation, but service can be slow. New Moon on Verdugo Blvd (NOT Verdugo Rd) is also passable for Chinese, especially scallops in garlic sauce.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Unfortunately, the Great Grill is no more. There's a sign on it that says it's going to become... you'll never guess... a yogurt shop!

            1. re: duke_of_mildew

              Well, that's s*** in my eye, then.


              Those double-Greats were fantastic.

        2. Raffi's in Glendale has great Middle Eastern but not such a great atmosphere.

          211 E Broadway
          Glendale, CA 91205
          (818) 240-7411

          1. This post made me try La Cabanita tonight. I was in search of a good mexican in the area and never knew of this place until now. It is small local neighborhood restaurant that I never had noticed, until now. The food and drinks were great. I had their chicken mole and it was fantastic. My husband had the carne asada tacos and those were also very good. All plates come with spanish rice and black beans. I would say this place definitely has a good variety of authentic mexican dishes in addition to the usual tacos, burritos and enchiladas. The place was packed and we did have to wait for awhile to get seated and service was a little slow. But I would say the food was worth the wait. We will def. be going back. This is a great casual restaurant to try.

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            1. re: minnie

              If they have chiles en nogada on the menu, you've GOT to try them. Also, their picadillo is out of this world.