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Feb 9, 2008 09:21 AM

Lower Manhattan FiDi Dining Options

Hey Gang,

Hopefully, I will be working downtown in the near future and wanted to gauge the dinner options downtown. Far, far downtown. Let's say walking distance from the NYSE or the Ferry. Places in the seaport are doable as are Lower Tribeca. Any thoughts?

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  1. do a search for "anything to eat in the financial district". it was one of my old postings. i've tried most of the stuff that the people reccomended and they were all good. also, all the stuff on stone st. is decent too, not to expensive dinner places.

    1. Do a search of this site there are a lot of posts (including lists of the seaport area). Not sure what your price and cuisine preferences are. I am not a fan of Stone Street (except Financier for pastries), but may need to revisit again.

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        if you're not a fan, nothing has changed and it's not worth revisiting. i think everything there is fine, and just go there every once and a while when i'm lazy and want to eat out but don't want to walk more than 5 feet, particularly if its warm out. financier is the only place i go to with any regularity.

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          Thanks, Renguin for saving me time and $$. Been to Ulysses, Adrienne's, etc. I'm jealous that Financier is so close for you. I can crawl to Jack's Coffee or have to walk to the closer Financier near the Fed.

      2. Haru just opened in the Coco Building on Wall. Other than that, the scene is pretty much the same, Delmonicos, Les Halles etc.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. So basically, what we're saying is there is nowhere to eat. ;p I was hoping that some of the new construction would be bringing in some interesting non-steak places, but I guess we'll just have to hope that all that interesting and good food is just a couple of months behind! Maybe this fall, we'll see some stuff.

            I heard Todd English has a new place coming in hotel Gild Hall at 15 Gold St.

            Also for those that are looking, I am looking for nothing too fancy, but not necessarily too cheap either. And thanks for the Financier tip, we will have to try it. Has anyone been to Haru?

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              Table Tales on Water is very good. Simple, fresh. Still largely undiscovered. No bar, BYOB. I think they serve dinner now. We had dinner at Acqua (was Quartino) last night. Simple, Italian fare. Challenge is I've eaten almost everything on Acqua's menu.