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Feb 9, 2008 09:14 AM

MSP-Best Thai in the cities

For the last year I have been on a Thai kick after reading the Papaya salad-Happiness in a dish post. I tried different Thai places all over town. It turns out my favorite was surprinsingly in my back yard-Chanhassen in the western suburbs. I also discovered that it is a great Thai Restaurant. They do everything well. There Tom Yum has a great balance of sweet and sour the papaya salad is crisp and pops with flavor. The menu seems to be authentic...

There are some dissapointments...The pho wasn't anywhere as good as Jasmine Deli or Quang's...I wasn't even aware that Pho was a Thai dish. Anyways I think this place is worth a trip for anyone in MSP and a gem for those living in the suburb wastelands.

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  1. For those who would rather not have to follow links, or who may come upon this thread via the search function, here is the name of the restaurant Dave is talking about:

    Na's Thai Cafe
    566 West 78th Street
    Chanhassen, MN 55317
    (952) 949-1125

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      Since this thread reappeared, I'm adding a places link. The links in the burbs need to be populated with good choices.

      Na's Thai Cafe
      566 W 78th St, Chanhassen, MN 55317

    2. I've eaten mostly at True Thai for the past few years. Eating in is better than taking out. The fresh young ginger, wok-fried cashews, and curry green beans are favorites. Tom yum is a bit fishier than I like.
      I've had some pretty good stuff at Ruam Mit, Tom Rup, and Chiang Mai too.

      1. True Thai (on Franklin?) used to be good when it opened, but the last time I was there the Tom Yum Kum was pathetic; mostly broth with a few pieces of chicken and straw mushrooms.

        Dave, can you say more about the TYK soup at the Chanhassen restaurant? Have you tried anything else? (The Papaya salad concept doesn't interest me much, unfortunately.)

        1. We ate True Thai takeout for the first time several weeks ago, and I got the young ginger with was gloppy like bad Chinese. The Laab had pink tomatoes (understandablely, it's February) and wilted iceberg lettuce (no cabbage?). They gave us fortune cookies. They had crab rangoon on the menu. How is this not a Chinese restaurant? I will not go back.

          Anyway, this is about the best.

          The best in Mpls is without a doubt Chai's (hi, I'm a broken record). Best green papaya salad, best tom yum, Thai jerky, massaman, green curry, ginger black bean shrimp, the specials are tops (the mahi mahi last week was fantastic, panang w/ duck the week prior), no corkage on BYO...good luck finding parking though.

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          1. re: Foureyes137

            KT...Thanks for adding the name, Sorry I missed that,

            Enso....the Tom yum soup is loaded with mushrooms. Sorry I don't know what variety but they are tasty. The broth is what makes the soup just like in a good pho. The broth is bursting with flavor due to the lemongrass and citrus flavors. I can also report that the Pad Mee is excellent. I think the chef (Na) is a stickler for fresh ingredients...this makes all the difference.

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              Have to agree with Foureyes137.

              We love Chai's.

            2. I wish Ketsana's at 76th and Lyndale was still open, they had the best Pad Thai. I don't mind Sawatdee at all, and Uptown's Kimson is good too. I also have enjoyed Tum Rup Thai twice in Uptown.

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