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Feb 9, 2008 08:49 AM

Aix or Ouest??

Haven't been to either in a few years. Which do you prefer these days?

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  1. Well being that I am going there myself next Friday night, I guess my vote goes to Ouest!

    1. Definitely Ouest. I haven't been there in awhile but I have friends who are consistently pleased with the food. I only went to AIX once and did not like it at all--expensive and not particularly good.

      1. I'm with idia and comidaqueen: Ouest is a genuinely excellent restaurant in terms of food, service and atmosphere. AIX is just mediocre. The food at AIX is fairly unremarkable and the vibe is much stuffier than at Ouest. I guess some people like that sort of thing, but I personally am not fond of having three or four people hover over me while I eat (as they do at AIX).

        1. Thanks everyone!!
          Everyone seems to think Ouest over Aix. Been looking at few threads and considering Telepan. So, Telepan or Ouest?? Thanks for the patience and the good recs.

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            1. re: foody1964

              Telepan is mannered and fussy. The food is decent but nothing memorable. If you are dining there on an expense account you will enjoy being catered to and the hyperactivity in such efforts will impress your clients. Aix is pushy and crowded and the wait staff is supercilious; the food doesn't come close to matching the attitude. Ouest has a staff well-trained in warm and helpful service, and there is a good selection of interesting and delicious food.

              1. re: Reynold

                *laugh* good descriptions, reynold ("the hyperactivity in such efforts will impress your clients."). they're right on.

              2. re: foody1964

                depends on which night of the week. if it's tomorrow night, telepan -- because i don't want to have to wait for a table at ouest, then.

                ok, just kidding. :)

                it's still ouest in my book, too.

                1. re: cimui

                  Telepan.....been 4 times, & it only gets better. Get the Heritage pork...Ouest is solid, but comfort food compared to Telepan.

                  1. re: drumwine

                    Settled, we are going to Ouest. Thanx for all the input.

              3. Did you all know that Aix is closing this weekend?