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Feb 9, 2008 08:47 AM

Good Rice Cooker for small amounts of rice.

What rice cooker do you think is the best for cooking small amounts of rice,
and it has to be easy to clean.

Thanks for your replies,

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  1. I'm a fan of the 5 cup Panasonic rice cookers SR-LE10, SR-NA10 and SR-YB05P. They are every bit as good as the comparable Zojirushi for 75% of the cost. I find that anything less than 5 cups, the rice comes out uneven. I would definitely avoid the unsealed rice cookers because they tend to overflow even when you follow the directions!

    1. i went through a few rice cookers over the years... im now using the zojirushi NS-LAC 05
      which im very happy with

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        Yes, I really do like my "fuzzy logic" Zojirushi -- smaller capacity than my non-fuzzy cooker, but it's turning out much better rice.

      2. Hi Charlie

        I went through this a year ago myself. I wanted a rice cooker that would do what I was unable to do, and that was to make rice perfectly and easily. In my search I ended up on bulletin boards where Oriental students discussed the rice cookers they had in their dorm rooms and at home, here and in the Orient.
        Looking at the prices of those with "Fuzzy Logic", I was put off. I am single and don't need ten cups of rice, and really don't eat rice that often. So how could I spend $400. on a rice cooker. But then I ran across this one. Here,, Here is one also,
        I got it from Target so that if I didn't like it i could easily return it.
        Well I love it and now know that I would have paid several hundred dollars for a Fuzzy Logic cooker, even being single.
        The other thing that I thought of is, I know manufacturers make and sell the same product under a different brand name. And that is what I was hoping to find. I think I found just what I was looking for. I have had it now for at least a year and have gone through a 20 lb. bag of Jasmine rice. Not bad for a guy who really doesn't like rice to speak of and who is single.
        I also recommend buying your rice at Costco or Sam's club. I called a local shop to price Jasmine rice and they wanted $4.00 a pound, now I see that you can get almost 20 lbs. for that at Costco.
        Good Luck

        I even make one cup of rice at a time and still it is perfect. I am very pleased. And only get the Fuzzy Logic, It thinks for it self to make perfect rice every time.

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          Please don't refer to people as Orientals. Oriental refers to objects from the orient not people. It is extremely offensive to many people and the term is dated and dehumanizes people. It was used during a time when women and men were treated as subhumans and traded like objects. Although there continues to be people of Asian descent who use the word Oriental, it is not okay to use.

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            besides it means "to the east" or "eastern" which are ridiculous concepts on a globe. i fly west to go to japan, is it still eastern/oriental?

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              This advice is good if you're in the US. On the other hand, oriental is a perfectly acceptable word to use in reference to East Asians if you live in the UK as "Asian" is used primarily to refer to South Asian/subcontinent/India/Pakistan.

          2. I have a 3.5 cup Sanyo (a ECJ-E35S), which works great. I definitely recommend not doing 1 cup at a time though - do at least 2. Put the extra rice in saran wrap and make little "hamsters" out of it, and freeze them. I suggest getting a model with brown rice and porridge modes, at least if you ever think you might possibly cook either. Rice cookers are great for brown rice, because it comes out perfectly, and you can let it soak from the night before, put the timer on, and come home to perfectly cooked brown rice.

            With smaller amounts the rice might brown a little, but fluffing right when it finishes cooking will help with that.

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            1. re: will47

              This 3.5 cup fuzzy logic Sanyo is the one I've used for the last few quite well

              here's a link

              1. re: will47

                This is what I have, and it works great for rice and other grains as well as making small amounts of oh, say rice pudding. My only complaint, and it's minor because we actually kind of like rice crust with many dishes, is that if I get hung up working and end up eating hours after the cook cycle's finished, the rice will be browned on the bottom. I think Sanyo tried to rpevent that with the extra thick pot on this smaller capacity model, but it's a difficult thing to prevent. I just think you need to know that, in case you all don't like rice crust and you know your schedule is irregular. It won't be a problem otherwise.

              2. I've had two of these and even the smaller one wasn't much use for just a portion or two. Way better for up to four servings is my microwave rice cooker: 1 cup rice, 2 1/2 cups water, a little salt, and nuke it for 20 minutes. Dishwasher safe too.

                Edit: Those amounts serve 2.