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Need help - restaurant near Franklin Inst.?

I am having family in from NY to go to the Franklin Institute, and am looking for a kid friendly, not too pricey, peanut allergy free place to go to dinner. And, it will be during Passover, so italian is out. Can anyone suggest a place? I don't really know my way around Philly, and am having a difficult time finding a place that will suit our needs.

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  1. A couple of things come to mind:
    The Franklin Institute I believe has a cafeteria.
    Also the Art Museum has both a lovely dining room and a more informal kid type place for cafeteria dining. You will need reservations in their dining room which is very popular.
    There is also Rae restaurant in the Ciba bldg.
    and finally the Water Works right behind the Art Museum.
    These last two are more pricey.

    1. not being the chowhound i should be in saying this, but there is a friday's on 17th and the parkway. You could walk right from the 'tute.

      1. There is nothing in that area. If you are willing to repark look into the Center City area.

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          Take a cab and head to Jones? You'd have to call and ask about the peanut allergy thing though.

        2. It seems like it is my mission in life to point folks north. Everytime a visitor posts about a visit to the Franklin Inst or to the Art Museum, we send them south to Center City or tell them to take a cab to Olde City, but only four blocks away looking north is Fairmount and tons of places to choose from all within walking distance if four or five blocks are not too far from you. Do a search on the word Fairmount and you will be surprised by your choices.
          And, yes, the Art Museum does have a lovely dining room while Rae and Water Works are very expensive and Jones is hardly worth the expensive cab ride. Finally, I wont even comment on the recommendation for Fridays except to find it quite unbelievable.

          1. I work about 2 blocks from the FI. While there is nothing right in the immediate area, there are plenty of things within a short (5-10 minute or less) walk. Not the best food in the world but Mexican Post is nearby (no further than Fridays) and would be kid friendly, they even have outdoor seating if the weather is nice. I would definitely not suggest "reparking" in Center City as one poster suggested as the FI is essentially on the edge of CC. If you want simple Chinese, Asia on the Parkway isn't too far either (moderately priced, but not a dive/hole in the wall). Continental Midtown is also less than 10 minutes and would be kid fun/friendly and certainly makes more sense than cabbing to Jones. While I'm not the fan of Matyson that many people on this board are, its not too far from the FI either.
            The Art Museum, Waterworks and Rae are all much further than these places.

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              If you go into Fairmount there is often available street parking, so if five to seven blocks or so seems alot this is one area you can likely repark

            2. On the theory that people from NY aren't driving all that way to eat at a Friday's, and if Chinese is ok (there are usually a couple of dishes at Chinese restaurants that have nuts), the City Garden is 5 blocks away at JFK and 18th Street. It is standard Chinese nicely done but doesn't rise to the level of CH recommendations in Chinatown. On the other hand, we've had better meals here than at some of the mediocre places in C'town that we have tried over the years.

              1. There's also Sabrina's at 18th and Callowhill (not terribly far). www.sabrinascafe.com
                Last I checked the site only listed the Italian Market location, but they are also on the corner listed above.

                1. There are a number of options a few blocks north. On Spring Garden St. are London Grill and Illuminaire. Also within walking distance is Zorba's Taverna at 22nd and Fairmount and Long's Gourmet Chinese at 18th and Hamilton. Rose Tatoo is at 18th and Callowhill.

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                    the London Grill is on Fairmount Ave

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                      in that case, so is Illuminaire...

                  2. Ok - what's tough here is that the post doesn't indicate if there are 5 kids under 5 or 2 10 year olds. I would assume that the out of town folks are here for the museum, not necessarily for the food. However, since this is a chowhound board I would NOT suggest the FI cafeteria, nor would I recommend Water Works or Rae. I'd hit the Continential, Mexican Post or Chinatown. P.S. I took my kids 8 and 10 to Fig and they liked it, but not sure if that works for your crowd.

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                      you're right daisygirl - let me clarify. There are 2 children, ages 3 and 6. We plan on spending the day visiting the please touch museum, and Franklin Institute. My original intention was to be able to make reservations somewhere casual and kid friendly for dinner, so the adults can talk, and the kids wouldn't be too crazy.
                      Thanks for all of your suggestions--- please keep them coming!!

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                        Hop in the car and go to Jones at 7th and Chestnut. V. kid-friendly. If you're Sephardic, go to Chinatown, but otherwise that seems like a bad option.

                        Alternatively, Famous 4th Street Deli (4th and Bainbridge), though their potato pancakes are leavened.

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                          I don't quite get why they'd go to Jones, if they're getting in the car anyway. Haven't been there for 3-4 years, but the place i went didn't impress me all that much. my brothers both ordered the hamburgers, which apparently were quite odd.