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Feb 9, 2008 08:18 AM

Help! -- Dinner for vegetarian and omnivore

I'm here from Minneapolis for the week and need a rec for dinner TONIGHT. A friend who is new to Chelsea is meeting me at the Met and then we'll have dinner somewhere hopefully no longer than a 20 minute trip (walking or riding) away. I'm a grad student foodie omnivore -- so I have champagne taste on a beer budget -- and she's a vegetarian. Help?!

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  1. Salam and Alta are both reasonably close to Chelsea with food that will please you both.

    1. Are you looking for a place in/near Chelsea or the Met (ie, the UES)???

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      1. re: scarlet starlet

        Met Museum (UES) or Met Opera (UWS)? ? ?

        1. re: Jane A.

          Of course the natural choice in Chelsea would be Crispo without a doubt but I don't think you'll get a rez at this late stage.
          If you mean Metropolitan Opera (you're going to love "Manon Lescaut"), I would suggest quickly trying to get a rez at either Rosa Mexicano, O'Neal's, Fiorello's or Josephina -- all opposite Lincoln Center.
          Really inexpensive Italian at 68th & Broadway is La Fenice -- a neighborhood Italian which would be kindest to your pocketbook.