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Does Ruth's Chris have the best steak?

I absolutely love Ruth's Chris. I have been to many other steak houses in the country and by far they have the best tasting steaks. How is there seafood? Also I hear they are buying Mitchell's Fish Market. Anyone ever eaten there?

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  1. Funny, I've heard mostly bad things about Ruth Chris. I've never had the pleasure, but many I know give it a big thumbs down as far as steak goes.

      1. There's a recent and lengthy Ruth's Chris thread already on this board that you might want to check out.

        Never heard of Mitchell's Fish Market...where are they?

        1. Flemings IMO has a far superior steak to RC. I have never had a "great" steak at RC and everyone I've had has been overcooked.

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            DH and I did not like Flemings. Ruths Chris is my all-time favorite steak. DH likes it too, but his favorite is Del Frisco's.

          2. Have you had a dry aged steak? A major difference in flavor profiles between the chain steakhouses is aging methods. I prefer dry aging - a bit pricier, but it concentrates the flavor of the steak. RC wet ages.

            1. I have eaten @ Ruth Chris a couple of times, and in my opinion, no, they do not have the best steak I have eaten. The best steaks I have eaten were @: Saloon Steakhouse in Chicago, Joes Seafood, Prime Steaks, and Stone Crab in Chicago, and Morton's of Chicago.

              1. Peter Luger's in NYC is miles ahead of Ruth's, IMHO. Dumping a lot of butter on a steak is a complete waste!

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                  I agree...Peter Luger's is excellent. I've been to the Ruth's in Philadelphia, and wasn't impressed with the food at all. Also, I wasn't thrilled with the hypervigilant wait staff...they stood about 5 feet away, never took their eyes off us, and so much as a glance in their direction sent them scurrying over to the table! I'm all for attentive service, but this was BEYOND. Definitely didn't blow my skirt up.

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                    I've been to a bunch of different steak places in the US (I'm from Canada), and I have to say the beef in America is better than what we get here in the Great White North. My only question is why are your steaks so big? I'm 50 years old, I weigh 200 lbs., and there's no way I can get through the typical 16/20/24 oz + steaks I see on US menus.

                    We were in Chicago for Thanksgiving (my wife is a champion shopper!), and visiting steakhouses each night, I had to bring a doggy bag back, which made for some very tasty breakfasts at our kitchenette suite at the Marriott. But I have to wonder - is there any other cut other than mostly flavourless filet mignon that is regularly offered in a size less than 12 oz?

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                      The Petite Cut Filet is usually 5-6 ounces and the Petite New York Strip Loin is usually 10-12 ounces......

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                        Too funny. I'm 5'1" and weigh about 105 pounds. I can knock back a 20 oz steak no problem. With sides.

                        Totally agree abut the filet mignon-- tender but no flavor. I'm a ribeye/NY strip kind of girl.

                  2. Ha, ha, ha. This is very funny! We live in Columbus, Ohio where Cameron Mitchell started his mini empire. Don't care for Ruth's Chris, very overrated IMHO. My husband, who doesn't eat fish or seafood, often orders the steaks at the Fish Market and claims they are the best, better than Morton's, Ruth's Chris or Cameron's own Steakhouse in Columbus. A lot of people in Columbus don't like CMR restos but aside from Molly Woo's (horrible Chinese food) we find them very good. Their customer service is superior and we have had several gaffes/mistakes made right by them through the years.

                    1. To answer your seafood question, it's one of my favorite places for a good steamed lobster, a head of broccoli and a wedge of iceberg!

                      1. I have eaten at Mitchell's Fish Market and loved it. Their ads say something to the effect of anything fresher would still be swimming - and it's true, in my opinion. As for Ruth's Chris, I ate there years ago in CT, wasn't overly impressed and thought it was way overpriced for what you get. On the other hand, I just ate at Mitchell's Steakhouse in Columbus, OH and thought it was excellent, but that may be because since I moved to OH, I haven't found a great steak in a restaurant.

                        1. I have eaten at a lot of places. Morton's, Gene and georgetti's, gibsons, Chicago Chop House, Ruth's Chris and others in Chicago. Ruth's chris in troy, Mich. Byrne's in Tampa, del frisco's in Dallas. Pete Lugers and the Palm in NYC. Sullivans and Eddie V's in Austin. Plenty others. I particularly enjoyed the steak i had at RC in Troy. The experiences and the food were great at all these places with Byrne's and Lugers standing out. My GF and I live in Austin and are going to RC for NYE dinner tonight, so I am rooting for a great steak. I am leaning toward the NY strip but am waffling. The ribeye might win out.

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                            go for the Cowboy Rib Eye.

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                              Agreed but if anyone is Googling trying to find this restaurant, it is Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa.

                            2. Ruth Chris did purchase Mitchells Fish market.
                              I will not eat at Ruth Chris after sveral bad experiences. I have to take clients due to their choice...however, I will now push for a different option. The sides are horrid, dessert menu is boring, and the steaks are soaked in butter - NO THANKS!

                              1. Ruth Chris does not have the best steak. They provide a better steak house experience than most. They have eliminated nearly all the negatives that can occur in a steakhouse.

                                Here are just two things they do. One, there are no little wax candles on the table so there's no smoke from the candles.. The little electric light bulb shaped like a small fire that they place down looks nice, though. Two, fancy steaks are usually cold by the time you're 2/3 done, but by presenting the steak on the hot steel plate, finished in butter, the steak doesn't cool off too much and stays hot enough to be tasty to the end.

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                                  Yes, but it also continues to cook, completely changing the temperature of the steak.

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                                    I get my steaks charred rare and solve the "continues to cook" problem by specifying a room temperature plate. Sometimes they forget and then I spear the steak with my fork and hold it aloft while they bring the correct plate.

                                2. I've been to a local Ruth's Chris and found it to be just so-so. I have been to several Morton's locations and find their steak, and menu in general, to be far superior. Also, the service you receive at Morton's is incredible.