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Calgary's Best Chicken Wings?

Who knows where to get the best crispy Chicken wings in the city? Why do you like them and how much are they? My favorite flavor is still standard hot buffalo wings.

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  1. My all time favourite wings are the salt & pepper wings at The Regal Beagle. I go to the 14th Street NW one - I don't know if the Centre Street one still exists or not. The place itself is horrible and the last couple of times I had a craving I just did takeout. Now that it is non-smoking it might be better but I doubt it. I know they have had CHR problems as well. Anyhow, these wings are fantastic. Crispy and crunchy and salty and dry on the outside and tender and greasy and juicy on the inside. I would love to know how to make them at home but it is probably better that I don't know. They are definitely deep fried.

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      FYI, Centre Street Location is gone.

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        my favorite used to be a Jack Astor's in the south on McLeod Trail. They were huge, crispy & hot, not your usually wimpy tiny $.25ers. They were however expensive.

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          mm Jack Astors'... I like their pan bread but after our car got hit and run in the parking lot we haven't been back.

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        Thanks for review, however, I would like my food to come from an establishment that passes CHR inspections. I know both Regals had problems.

        Probably has to do with how hot the heat of the oil is. Not that I'm a cook but one resturant owner told me that his fried chicken is not greasy because of the temperature of the oil. I'm sure type of oil has something to do with it too.

      3. I don't live in Calgary so I haven't tried many places, but I can recommend the wings at the Hose and Hound on 9th Ave. in Inglewood during their wing night ($0.25 each). For some more Calgary wing info, see www.hotwings.ca

        1. What about Ed's at 17th and Macleod Trail. Last time I was there before I left Calgary they were awesome!
          Dean in Canada (Red Deer)

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            Never been to H and H or Ed's... I'll have to check those out.Thanks for the website. A whole website dedicated to hot wings.

          2. Bonasera on Ed Trail - 10 cent wings on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The wings are small but tasty, and you'll want to wash them down with plenty of drinks, but such a deal!

            1. What about Juliette's Castle on 16th by Edmonton Trail? I like their salt and pepper wings, and if I remember right, they fry'em up with the tips on.

              1. I really like the fried chicken wings at Shanghai Palace in Edgemont. Not really the place you'd look for chicken wings. I haven't had them in a while so I don't remember how much a plate costs but the wings come out very, very fresh. No flavours, just salt. Crispy and crunchy on the outside; tender and juicy as soon as you bite in.

                1. There is a place a bit out of the way but definately the best wings in Calgary are at the Bowness Hotel, also called Hexters, believe me or not! The chef uses some kind of crazy breading and man are they awesome! Best I have ever had, hands down.

                  1. I find places always change.. maybe it's due to staff rotation. I like the Hose and Hound in Inglewood - good value. I often use this hilarious site www.hotwings.ca for wing info. Who knew? Anyway - the real question is... do the establishments pass cleanliness regulations... I won't name names.. but hey the Calgary Health Region might be worth contacting now and then.


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                      Its been a while since I had their wings but Peking Dragon on 4th Street does/did great, large crispy wings. There were two choices, the regular deep fried wings or the salt and pepper ones.

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                        If you visit the CHR website, you can now find all the inspection reports for establishments that serve food. I recently left a wedding banquet (500+) as I did not feel comfortable eating there....and when I checked the CHR site, it confirmed my kitchen nightmare.

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                          sort of unusual but delhi darbars has really good wings sometimes in the lunch brunch,i wish they would make it a regular menu item ,they are almost like salt and pepper wings with anouther flavor i cant put my finger on ,but they the bomb yo

                      2. The best wings I've had in Calgary are at the Rusty Cage in Westbrook. I haven't been to the new location near Heritage @ the old Studio 82, but I'm assuming that location would be the same quality.

                        The salt'n'pepper wings are the best. Lightly breaded, the only way I can describe them is that they taste like KFC used to taste 20 years ago, before it got all greasy & nasty. If SnP isn't your thing, they have 24 other flavours to choose from. My 2nd favourite is Thai Peanut, which tastes very similar to a thai/vietnamese peanut satay sauce.

                        One of the best things about the RC is the consistency. It's not like a lot of places here, where one week you get Rita MacNeil wings, and the next week you get Nicole Richie wings. Every time I have gone the wings have been big, juicy, and freshly cooked. Service is average for the most part, and the one & only time we had a bad service experience, the manager stepped in and gave us all vouchers for 10 free wings and a free pint of beer on our next visit.

                        Their $0.20 wing nights are Wed & Sun, and they have $10 Jugs of Canadian to go along with them.

                        As for the CHR factor...I just checked that site, and both Rusty Cages have 0 infractions listed :)