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Feb 9, 2008 06:42 AM

Mini Vail Report (Larkspur, Sweet Basil, Spago + Vail Chophouse)

Hi All,

Wanted to thank you for your ideas for Vail. We ate out three nights (and lunch one day)- we had planned to eat out five nights but due to the mass amount of snow we stayed in (so sadly we missed going to dish)...

1. Larkspur: you all are right. We absolutely loved everything about the restaurant...from setting, service, to fresh food, wine was a true hit.

2. Sweet Basil: wasn't in love with it. Service was a bit annoying (felt like waiter was trying to hard sell everything), but it was fine. We thought the space was a bit dated (I know it's been there since the 70's) and the room in the back where we were seated was VERY loud. The food didn't impress us either. Wouldn't go back.

3. Spago: loved it. Haven't seen reports on here but we found it to be special and very good. The service was spot on, the food was inventive and is definitely pricey, but we were ok with splurging for the specialness. [Tip: parking is free if you validate your ticket from Spago - not sure how long for but we paid $30 to park and ski at beaver creek the day before, our thought for next year is to have lunch at Spago and get free validated parking at the Ritz]

4. Vail Chophouse: went for lunch one day, had burgers, chicken sandwiches, thought it was a GREAT alternative to sitting it the crowded Vail lodges at the same prices.

Thanks so much again for all of your help.


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  1. GF, thanks for the feedback. You right on about the Beav's mountain dining, it sucks. I think that may be on purpose, the Beaver Creek Metro district picks up a piece of the sales tax the restaurants generate and that covers a lot of VRI's base expenses (like the buses). Checkout DDavis' comments about the Golden Eagle as a good alternative.

    We usually end up eating lunch at the bar in the Ritz, the nachos are huge and 3 people can make a meal out of an order. Stay away from the deli next store, over priced and not that good. I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like the appearance of Spago, it could be in any big city in the US.

    1. Thanks for the report. Glad to hear Larkspur is still doing good work. I had lunch at Spago today and have a little different take on it, but I'll put my thoughts in another post. Certainly agree with BlueOx's comment about the deli at the Ritz. Noticed the sign about sandwiches when you first go in from outside -- All Sandwiches $16.00. But that includes a package of chips!

      1. Hey gf, don't I remember you from the Boston boards? Thanks for the report, let me know if you're back this way soon...

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          Yes, it's me! I will for sure...I hope you are having fun in the mountains. I'm jealous.