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What to serve w/ mushroom risotto?

I want to try a wild mushroom risotto for my sweetie on Valentine's Day. What do I serve with it for the main course? He doesn't eat meat or shellfish, but does eat fish. Any ideas? Thank you!!!

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  1. My first thought was a simple wild salmon steak or fillet. Either roasted with EVOO, S & P, a drizzle of olive oil and minced parsely, or with a mustard topping. Another could be the salmon marinated for two hours with soy sauce, brown sugar, a little water, EVOO, minced garlic, FGPepper...then grilled. I think the salmon would look nice on the plate along with your yummy risotto, and perhaps steamed string beans, or some such green.

    1. Like the idea of a simply done salmon. Pan fried with crispy skin keeping the flavoring simple. Always enjoy green salad with risotto as something to cut the richness.

      1. I think I'd go with a grilled thick cut of halibut.

        1. I think you need something fairly strong and meaty, so your fish doesn't get overwhelmed by the risotto.

          I'd suggest a tuna, salmon, shark, mackerel or mahi-mahi. If you go with shark or mackerel, make some sort of citrus or tomato-based sauce or chutney with it to cut through the fattiness of the fish. I'd also serve with a roasted asparagus, as I love the pairing of mushroom and asparagus.

          1. Braised Cavolo Nero
            And start with a white bean soup--to get some protein in.

            1. Doesn't anyone else think the risotto should be a star on its own? Depending on what the recipe calls for, I'd be tempted to up the volume of the wild mushrooms and just have that as the entree.

              Maybe use a smoked trout and cream cheese blend to pipe into endive leaves or on apple or pear slices with some greens as a first course/appy.

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                Yes! Or even as a secondi with a final meat (carni) course. And for a final meat course I'd suggest a fowl like squab or hen.
                I have never served risotto as a side for anything (save osso bucco with risotto milanese [a classic]).

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                  Yes that is why I suggested the halibut only because the op wanted a main, but I agree with you, for me the risotto could stand alone, and with a lovely first course, as you've suggested would make a very favorable impression!

                2. This is served at Casa Jfood on a monthly basis.

                  The WM risotto as you stated plus five seared diver scallops per person. get a pan real hot, sprinkle some sea salt on each scallop, a little EVOO to hot and into the pan until they turn gold, flip repeat. And if you want a little extra, blanch a few asparagus tips.

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                    Alas - OP's sweetie doesn't eat shellfish. But that would have been my suggestion too.

                    A second choice would be to make the risotto the main - with an extra dose of mushrooms and some sauteed rapini (garlic, anchovy and chili flakes) or roasted asparagus - a beautiful green salad (afterward). And something chocolate for dessert.

                  2. anything with walnut oil....but i see the risotto as a star all it's own as well

                    1. How about grilled seafood sausages?