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Mojitos in Boston?

A bunch of us are going out for a friends birthday in a couple of weeks--can anyone recommend a place in Boston (downtown/back bay/south end) that serve great Mojitos? She's a big fan! Thanks!

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  1. Radius! One word of caution: they make them very strong. have fun!

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      Eastern Standard. For my money, the "OLD CUBAN" is as good a mojito as you're ever going to get anywhere.

    2. Masa not only makes good mojitos, but is a lively and not-too-expensive South End place that's good for a group; it seems to get a lot of big 20-something parties on weekends. The Southwestern food won't make a dent on anyone from AZ or NM, but it has gotten a lot better under the current kitchen regime.

      1. Legal Test Kitchen on the waterfront. In addition to the regular mojito, they have a "special" one that they change every month or two like watermelon mojito or blackberry mojito(with fresh blackberries crushed in it). Their food isn't anything to brag about, but there are a few things that are pretty good. I love their chicken/shrimp asian wok omelet dish(can't remember the name of it). We keep going back for the mojitos.

        1. On the other side of the river, the bar @ Chez Henri in Cambridge makes them nice.

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            I've always preferred the B-Side's mojitos to Chez Henri's, but I was never sure why.

            Then I saw Chez Henri's in progress: they used Rose's Lime Juice, while B-Side does not. Haven't ordered a mojito at Henri's since.

            joebelt: I've never had a mojito at Casablanca, but was impressed by their margaritas. Good ingredients.

          2. In Harvard Square, Daedalus makes a surprisingly great, very fresh, Mojito. More specifically, the bartender downstairs does. Don't know his name, but it's sort of his specialty.

            1. The Toro version with carmelized limes is memorable!

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                Suprisingly, I love the Mo's at BACCO in the NE

              2. I had great cucumber mojitos at Oceanaire. They also had regular and mango...

                1. Casablanca are probably the best. That's in Harvard Square.

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                    If you're going to come over to Cambridge/Harvard Square, you could do a two-fer at neighbors West Side Lounge and Chez Henri, both of which I've always enjoyed.

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                      All of these are so helpful (wonder if I should try them all?)--thanks everybody!!!

                  2. Tremont 647 makes a great mojito and in the summer you can sit outside. Masa also has good ones and an inexpensive tapas menu to nibble on while you drink.

                    1. I had a great mojito at zuzu on saturday night-the bartender looked busy chopping lots of limes and mint so they must go through quite a lot of them and a little while back I had some variation of one at the beehive that used cucumbers, mint, and vanilla vodka. It was delicious.

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                      1. No. 9 Park. Some of the best bartenders around. Can't go wrong...but pricey.

                        1. You'd never expect it, but the best Mojito I've had in Boston was made at News (in the Leather District, just outside of Chinatown). I'm generally a Mojito purist, but this one was made with fresh, muddled raspberries along with the traditional mint and lime and it really put it over the top. To top it off, it's served with a stick of rock candy.

                          1. Well to start you can try Mojitos on Winter Street. Its a massive space (a night club/ lounge atmosphere) and they make great Mojitos. Other places to try are Eastern Standard and Tapeo.