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Good Lobster

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Looking for a good lobster restaurant in LA. Not the LOBSTER in Santa Monica.. It is a rip off for a tiny bug!

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  1. Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant
    835 W Las Tunas Dr
    San Gabriel, CA 91776
    (626) 289-5998

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      Do you know if this is the same company as the one in OC? Costa Mesa or Santa Ana I believe.

    2. The Palm has the best plain broiled lobsters with drawn butter; they start at 3 lbs and usually go up to 6 and are about $26/lb.

      1. If you're willing to drive I find Furiwa to be absolutely delicious. I think westminster/magnolia, same plaza as...Boiling Crab/Pho Bolsa

        1. Has anyone been to that Lobster place off Melrose? It's right by Popeye's chicken and not to far from Astro Burger by Paramount Studios.

          1. Just had a pretty good 2.5 lb lobster from Maine at Fins in Calabasas. Simply prepared, split, great claw meat. Fins is a nice overall seafood restaurant with a great bar. Two locations:

            23504 Calabasas Rd

            982 S. Westlake Blvd.
            Westlake Village

            1. I've given up trying to find good Maine Lobster (the ones with claws) on the west coast, but then again, I have to go to NYC several times a year on business, so I load up there. If you've ever seen a really fresh lobster, it's a lively "bug", and you have to get a good grip on it, or it will get away from you. They flop around almost like live fish. Every lobster I've seen in LA is lethargic, if not almost dead, by comparison. Call me a snob, but like a donut, live lobster loses its flavor and texture with each passing hour. I spend my $ on sushi instead.

              If someone can point me to a place that has "lively" lobster, I'll very well may check it out, but I'll ask to see the bug first, then decide on what to order.

              1. One of the most sublime lobster dishes I've ever had was the Lobster Tempura at R23.

                It was deep-fried crack.


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                  God, yes! I don't especially enjoy lobster, but the Lobster Tempura at R23 was one of those "you haven't lived until you've tried..."

                  $55 for a modest platter, lobster and veg, to share, btw