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Feb 9, 2008 05:59 AM

Is There Anything Good To Eat In Fredericton?

I've been in Fredericton for a few days now, and have only had lousy to mediocre food. We've had a pretty sorry excuse for Pho at Asian Beef Noodle across from the Crowne Plaza, decent mussels and pasta at Brewbaker's (but certainly nothing memorable), passable Aloo Gobi at Chez Riz, and Panko-crusted Haddock at the Blue Room which may as well have been frozen fish sticks. Ok, the burger at Isaac's Way was good. Plus, my pet peeve, that industrial, unyielding shredded "parmesan" cheese made a starring appearance in both the Blue Room's caesar salad and in Brewbaker's mussels. I'm not sure why they can't buy a chunk of Grana Padano and grate it themelves.

Anyway, I just fear that I'm missing out on something good. It doesn't have to be fancy, in fact homestyle is really what I'm craving, but I'd hate to go home and then have someone say "oh, you didn't try food x from restaurant y?" Any suggestions?

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  1. If it's still there, there is a pizza place in the downtown area that has fantastic pizza. The crust is stuffed with cream cheese, and they have lots of interesting toppings. The name escapes me, it seems to be through the back of a Brazilian type restaurant (perhaps the locals can best help you out on this one)

    I'd also highly recommend that if you are there on a Saturday, that you check out the farmer's market. The pub in the Lord Beaverbrook hotel also had a few good offerings from what i can recall (good bread pudding anyway)

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      We ordered the cream cheese stuffed pizza from New England Pizza last night - it was the best thing we've had all week! Thanks for the tip!

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        The restaurant that served the cream cheese pizza was Samba Brazil, and it is closed.

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          Nooo !! Really? They had fantastic pies there, and such interesting toppings. I hope that the New England Pizza place took over for them in all departments, not just the cream cheese crust.

      2. There is a pub downtown called the Lunar Rogue. It has great pub food and an award winning whiskey list.
        BTW, the restaurant with the panko haddock is the Blue Door, not the Blue Room.

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          There really are no good restaurants in Fredericton. Worse, the mediocre ones charge well more than is reasonable.

          Oscar's offers oysters, and so if I have to eat out, I generally go there. I've had adequate meals in the Delta and the Lord Beaverbrook, which are probably the most competent rooms in the city.

          Pub food in this city is the pits. However, Fredericton is a fantastic scotch town. The Lunar Rogue's list is among the best in the country and very reasonably priced.

          The market is great, but its ready-to-eat products are pretty lacklustre.

        2. Look, Fredericton is like any small town. There are the classics, and there are hidden gems. There are also a lot of students, so maybe what wins is price over quality or fancy-smancy eats.

          However, I am a firm believer that there is good food for each particular kind of occasion. If you're celebrating something, The Garrison is the place to go. But if you have a hangover, there's nothing like a greasy homemade burger from Joe's diner with a partly home-cooked flavour, and part-all-day-breakfast greasy feel.

          I started cataloguing the restaurants in Fredericton through my blog, so if you're feeling like beer and nachos, come find the best one. If you want ethnic, theres a place for that too.