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Feb 9, 2008 05:46 AM

How about Great Bakeries in Falls Church/Tysons/Vienna?

Where can I get the best cakes, cupcakes, mini desserts in the Tyson's area? I am looking for something similar to Stella's in Rockville :)

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  1. I've never been to Stella's so I'm not sure how to compare, but Amphora Bakery has some pretty good desserts, as does the Pie Gourmet, both are in Vienna. Otherwise, there's a La Madeleine at Tyson's.

    I do NOT recommend Natalia's Elegant Creations in Falls Church. Everything looks pretty, but I did not enjoy the overpriced items that I got there. There were bland and tasteless.

    For my bakery needs, I usually hit up Pastries by Randolph and Heidelburg Bakery a short drive down Lee Highway in Arlington. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I love the Costco bakery.

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      Amphora Bakery is really good - esp their Strawberry Shortcake. Mmmmm.... Never tried Natalia's Elegant Creations or Pie Gourmet - but I will have to add the latter to my list. I recently bought a slice of the Choco-Choco Cake from Edibles Incredible in Reston Town Center for my husband's birthday and I have to say - it was VERY GOOD... but too rich and heavy in my opinion.

      I prefer lighter, airy cakes. Has anyone tried the cakes from Pars (Iranian Grocery/Bakery) in Vienna? They have an awesome, small cake called Rotelle (sp?)

    2. This is an easy one: Cenan's in Vienna.

      1. In McLean, I like Marvelous Market the selection is small but I like the mini desserts and cakes. Balducci's has awful cupcakes that are $4 a pop. They would be bad at a dollar.

        Natalia's in Falls Church does have pretty pastries. I like them but they are not worth the price. Everything runs around 5.50 to 7. Good and I stop by often because I live two blocks away but overpriced.

        Vienna, don't know the name but the newer bakery next to the Virginian Restaurant is not very good. Bought two cakes, I wanted to like them, but they were boring and I threw them away. Pie Gourmet is good they also have some unusual savory pies for lunch/dinner.

        Arlington has Heidelburg Bakery which I don't like. I don't taste butter only Crisco. Most people enjoy this place. The best place in Arlington (maybe NoVA) is Pastries by Randolph. They provided the pastries for Dean and Deluca last time when I asked. I always get nice cakes and great miniature desserts from them. For casual parties I will usually buy 8-10 miniatures and put out four forks. Always a hit. If you go, try to stop by Arrowine next door. Great staff and always a nice bottle of wine.

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          Does the MM in McLean have a decent sized eating area?

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            MM in Mclean has no eating area

        2. I also think Natalia's Elegant Creations is overpriced and not very good. Same with Heidelburg (I still don't understand the hype)

          In Falls Church, the cinnamon raisin pastry at Baguette Republic on West Broad St. (next to Sweet Rice Thai) was pretty good and flakey, as was their croissant, but I haven't tried their cakes yet.

          I also enjoy Pastries by Randolph in Arlington and Pie Gourmet in Vienna. But so far, I haven't tasted anything compared to Stella's (though I haven't tried Amphora).

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            You know, it's funny - I know a lot of people don't dig on Heidelburg, and I have to say, I don't usually go there for the pastries, but the breads are great and they can make a pretty good sandwich. They also usually do an open house once a year, where people from the community can go up to the bakery and the bakers teach little kids how to decorate cupcakes and the like and everyone walks out with bags of freshly made goodies. I think I just really love places like that, that give back to the the community.

            Plus, they do make really good hamantaschen.

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              Except that the OP wanted pastries, mini-dessert suggestions and I never understood the hype that people made on Heidelburg's cakes. Even you yourself said you don't go there for pastries.

              I do like their breads, I've not tried their sandwiches, but their donuts were only ok.

              Heidelburg's buttercream is just way too buttery for me and their cake not moist enough, in comparison to Stella's. And I really love frosting, but with a Heidelburg cake, I usually scrape off the frosting, to my sadness.

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                orangemix - you cannot compare Amphora Bakery to Stella's. Stella's is the best cake I've had hands down. You've gotten me excited about Baguette Republic - cinnamon-raisin anything, and flakey, buttery croissants are both my hands-down faves. Seems like you and I have the same taste ;)

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                  But tigerd, I'm not! I was trying to say that I can't comment on Amphora because I haven't tried it yet.

                  I try to stop by Stella's every time when I'm on the Pike (and Taipei/Tokyo next door, since they have yummy Chinese jajiang mian)!

                  I hope you like Baguette Republic! But my little disclaimer is that I've only tried it once, so I'm ready to go back there soon...

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                    No, no ... I am just letting you know that Amphora is not as good as Stella's. BTW, I have tried Taipei sushi - and it has to be one of the best rolls I have ever had.

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                  True, but I've only ever had a cake from there once and it was several years ago. IIRC, it was pretty good, though not as wonderful as Pastries by Randolph. I actually don't much like cake, so I figured that just because I never buy the pastries there didn't mean that someone else wouldn't like it.

                  But I also should note that when I do buy cake, I prefer the French style that Pastries by Randolph does.

            2. I second Cenan's in Vienna for cakes and mini-desserts. Stacy's Coffee Shop (on Rt. 7 in Falls Church) supposedly has delicious cupcakes. Otherwise, I've not seen them in any bakeries around here.