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Feb 9, 2008 05:28 AM


OK my head's going to explode.... I'm in Worcester, the seconds biggest city in freakin New England and I can't find a diner with decent HOMEMADE HASH... I'm not looking for the doctored cr@p from a can... I want it h-o-m-e-m-a-d-e, Way back when there used to be The Homeplate in Westboro, but even the best (Jim and Bev) have to retire. PLEASE Please Please tell me where to get the thing which I most desire, I don't want "don't know if it's homemade, but I think it's good" I want someone who owns their love for hash as says "this is the best, if you go anywhere else you've gone and done wrong" HELP ME!!!

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  1. The Agawam Diner in Rowley. not close to you but it is home made and Very Very Good, better with a couple of sunny side up eggs on top.

    1. I don't want anyone's home-made food in a restaurant. House-made, on the premises, seems like a better idea. I don't know what your criteria for great hash is, but Danny's Diner makes hash that tastes house-made to me, and they put a nice crust on it.

      I'm also a fan of the hash at Deluxe Town Diner, but it is more like a deconstructed New England boiled dinner than what most people think of as corned beef hash.

      Pops takes rather arty approach to its red flannel hash at brunch -- the ingredients, which include beets, are all in individual little piles, so it's arguably not a hash at all -- but very tasty. It think the corned beef there is outstanding, often get it in their Reuben.

      Henrietta's Table does a red flannel hash that I think is outstanding, with a shocking magenta color.

      Locke-Ober does a roast beef hash with dropped eggs that is one of my favorite dishes on the lunch menu there.

      I recall Rosebud's having good corned beef hash, but I haven't eaten there in years.

      I used to love the corned beef hash at the Agawam Diner, but on a visit there last year, it was disappointing, as was most of the food.

      Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe is famous for a turkey hash that I also think is a not nearly as good as it used to be.

      Out of scope, but Pat's Kountry Kitchen in Old Saybrook, CT does a great clam hash.

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        I don't understand house made vs. home made, bottom line, it's not out of a can looking and smelling like dog food from the 60's

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          Sorry, not trying to be pedantic. I just always make this distinction since I read this:

      2. I love the homemade hash at the Wheelhouse Diner in North Quincy. It is crunchy on the outside, and has just a bit of onion on the inside, but not so much that it overwhelms the taste.

        1. The Busy Bee on Beacon Street in Brookline, MA makes their own hash, and I have it whenever I go there.

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            Ooh, really? Does it have peppers in it? Please say no.

            I love and adore the hash at the Deluxe Town Diner and if I still lived down the street from that place I might weigh 300 pounds. But it's true that it's not very hash-like in consistency.

            1. re: BostonCookieMonster

              Dear BCM, so sorry to disappoint you, I believe there are green peppers in it. At least I think I can taste them in the background. But they are not a major player in this hash. Hash of the morning, beautiful hash.

          2. I grew up in westboro and don't remember The Homeplate where was it and how long ago? I remember Dons Donuts and the little diner by Bay State Abrasives.

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              It used to be near the rotary across the road from a auto repair shop about 8 years ago. There's a Korean place there now.