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OK my head's going to explode.... I'm in Worcester, the seconds biggest city in freakin New England and I can't find a diner with decent HOMEMADE HASH... I'm not looking for the doctored cr@p from a can... I want it h-o-m-e-m-a-d-e, Way back when there used to be The Homeplate in Westboro, but even the best (Jim and Bev) have to retire. PLEASE Please Please tell me where to get the thing which I most desire, I don't want "don't know if it's homemade, but I think it's good" I want someone who owns their love for hash as says "this is the best, if you go anywhere else you've gone and done wrong" HELP ME!!!

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  1. The Agawam Diner in Rowley. not close to you but it is home made and Very Very Good, better with a couple of sunny side up eggs on top.

    1. I don't want anyone's home-made food in a restaurant. House-made, on the premises, seems like a better idea. I don't know what your criteria for great hash is, but Danny's Diner makes hash that tastes house-made to me, and they put a nice crust on it.

      I'm also a fan of the hash at Deluxe Town Diner, but it is more like a deconstructed New England boiled dinner than what most people think of as corned beef hash.

      Pops takes rather arty approach to its red flannel hash at brunch -- the ingredients, which include beets, are all in individual little piles, so it's arguably not a hash at all -- but very tasty. It think the corned beef there is outstanding, often get it in their Reuben.

      Henrietta's Table does a red flannel hash that I think is outstanding, with a shocking magenta color.

      Locke-Ober does a roast beef hash with dropped eggs that is one of my favorite dishes on the lunch menu there.

      I recall Rosebud's having good corned beef hash, but I haven't eaten there in years.

      I used to love the corned beef hash at the Agawam Diner, but on a visit there last year, it was disappointing, as was most of the food.

      Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe is famous for a turkey hash that I also think is a not nearly as good as it used to be.

      Out of scope, but Pat's Kountry Kitchen in Old Saybrook, CT does a great clam hash.

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        I don't understand house made vs. home made, bottom line, it's not out of a can looking and smelling like dog food from the 60's

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          Sorry, not trying to be pedantic. I just always make this distinction since I read this: http://waiterrant.net/?p=310

      2. I love the homemade hash at the Wheelhouse Diner in North Quincy. It is crunchy on the outside, and has just a bit of onion on the inside, but not so much that it overwhelms the taste.

        1. The Busy Bee on Beacon Street in Brookline, MA makes their own hash, and I have it whenever I go there.

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            Ooh, really? Does it have peppers in it? Please say no.

            I love and adore the hash at the Deluxe Town Diner and if I still lived down the street from that place I might weigh 300 pounds. But it's true that it's not very hash-like in consistency.

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              Dear BCM, so sorry to disappoint you, I believe there are green peppers in it. At least I think I can taste them in the background. But they are not a major player in this hash. Hash of the morning, beautiful hash.

          2. I grew up in westboro and don't remember The Homeplate where was it and how long ago? I remember Dons Donuts and the little diner by Bay State Abrasives.

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              It used to be near the rotary across the road from a auto repair shop about 8 years ago. There's a Korean place there now.

            2. Stars in Hingham used to make their own hash, but it's a bit too far for me to head out there regularly for breakfast so it's been a few years since my last visit.

              1. Gold star diner in worcester, right on gold star boulevard, best hash in worcester. hands down.

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                  Yes, the Gold Star has some truly great hash, IMO. By the way, the location is a bit confusing. It is actually at 68 West Boylston Street.

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                    It's OK, too much potato not enough corned beef. But I will say that (excluding the hash) they've got the best breakfast in Wormtown.

                  2. If you are looking for good has of the corned-beef kind; only two places come to mind:

                    Barry's Deli in Waban (Newton, MA). Homemade hash PERFECTLY done. I ask for it well done. Comes with 2 eggs, homefries, and a bagel. My #1 choice.

                    S&S in Cambridge - Inman Square
                    Another jewish great conrnedbeef hash. I find theirs is a bit too oniony at times. I think they broil/bake theirs in a ceramic bowl.

                    Try both, but definitely go with Barry's first.

                    1. Hash at McKennas in dorchester is really good, not sure if its homemade maybe someone can clarify. I eat there often its down the street its quite good and has a great neighborhood feel.

                      1. The Early American restaurant on Hancock st in Quincy right next to Cental middle school and across the street from the Fowler house has really good homemade hash. They cook there own corned beef for it. I have been going there for that for years! It is a bit on the expensive side as Breakfast joints go, but once in a while it's cool.

                        1. Update on a few places I've found:
                          First- The Deep Ellum in Allston, Extreemly different hash; very chunky, not ground into a paste, not overloaded with potatoes, and it's baked and very crispy, and on top of that if you go there for brunch on Sunday, they have a huge choice of craft and Microbrews with very good taps, also very good bloody marys with pickled green beans... Everything is Very good.
                          Back to Worcester:
                          Second- Annes Clarke Brunch, The "Homemade" version is roast beef hash and is VERY spicy. I love spicy food but this uses habenieros and is over the top with heat not allowing you to actually taste and enjoy it.
                          Third- Lou Roc's Diner in West Boylston, They've finished a little expansion a couple of months ago. Very legitimate hash, I like it well done / crispy, I used to go to Goldstar for breakfast (not for hash) and now only go to Lou's.

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                            I love roast beef hash but have trouble finding at dining spots in the Boston area. I like spicy hash, too. I've been cooking my own hash of late, adding horseradish and red flame peppers for heat, and mixing in a good amount of thyme to give it a slightly minty, earthy flavor.

                            Which place do you prefer--Annes Clarke Brunch or Lou Roc's Diner? I like the Gold Star a lot, but would love to find another good breakfast spot in that area.

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                              Lou Roc's, Annes is good but the over the top heat puts it in 2nd place. Gold star's is all potato and very little cornedbeef :(

                          2. Cheap, good homemade - lots of meat and little potatoes - Sweet Touch in East Cambridge. Also love the hashes (a bit more unique) at Panicifico.

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                              Went t to Sweet Touch today, looking for homemade hash. Asked about it, and they said, no, it's not homemade, tasted like your typical canned hash. People were very nice, but we waited for more than half an hour, even though only two other tables (with 2 or three folks at each table) were occupied.

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                                Ha. This being our regular lunch spot, Sweet Touch has earned the nickname Slow Touch in my office.


                            2. Brothers Kouzina on Route 1 Northbound in Peabody or Lynnfield. Really solid. Better than I've had in Eastern MA.

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                                on the north shore, you have to try the sirloin hash at "In a Pig's Eye" on Derby St. in Salem. Only available on Sunday mornings, but it is AWESOME.

                              2. Old thread but if anyone's still looking, the L Street Diner in South Boston makes their own corned beef hash.

                                Driftwood in Marblehead...though not their own jelly..:)


                                Finz in Scituate.