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Feb 9, 2008 05:27 AM

Buffet-MGM Detroit-excellent!

Had lunch at the MGM buffet Tuesday, fantastic(even better that it came from winnings)! By far the best lunch buffet I've ever had! Everything I had was good. I had Mongolian barbeque-shrimp and veggies, asian sauce. Very good, shrimp done just right. Lamb chops were also done perfectly, not overdone like many expensive buffets do. Even mac n cheese was wonderful, very creamy and good! The selections of Chinese food were all top notch, as good as anything I've ordered in a Chinese restaurant, kept at right temps and not sitting for long. Scallops in black bean sauce was great! Large, tender scallops. Even salads were great, which I usually avoid in buffets. Frisee salad had this wonderful crispy proscuitto on top, like the crispiest, yummiest bacon! Mozarella and tomato salad also excellent, and they had selections of artisan cheeses and charcuterie(sp) meats, it was gourmet all the way, and the desserts! WOW! First time I even remember thinking "mmmmmmmm" at a buffet. Best gelato I've ever had, little Key Lime tart had flaky, buttery crust, chocolate mousse was very chocolatey and rich, it was all good, I would definitely go back for dinner if lunch was this good. On par if not better than the buffet at the Bellagio.

I wasn't able to get away at dinnertime, so Saltwater or Bourbon Steak will have to wait until next month. But they are two of the most gorgeous restaurants I have ever seen! As nice as anything I have seen in Vegas or New York. Puck's grille was also beautiful.

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  1. i went to the new mgm while i was home in detroit for the holidays and wow...this place is totally amazing! a really beautiful establishment and there is a WORLD of difference between this casino and the older detroit/windsor casinos - clean clean clean, fresh, trendy, inviting, beautifully designed. it's well worth a drive in from the suburbs - pop in for dinner or a drink before a show!

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      I hear ya...the one time I went to the Motor City Casino, it was dirty. Dirty carpets. Nowhere to eat cept the buffet. I see no reason to ever go there again. MGM Detroit made me feel like I was in Vegas! Cannot wait to try Saltwater and Bourbon Steak!

    2. Wow glad you had a nice meal. So far I have been completly underwhelmed with the MGM. So not like Vegas or the Bellagio. One big open stark room full of penny and two cent slots. Nice for Detroit but certainly not Vegas.

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        It kinda tides me over till I can get back to Vegas. It's not like Mandalay or the Paris, but it's pretty good. Mina's restaurants are spectacular looking, imho they look as good as anything in Vegas.

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          I have to agree with you. Definitely NOT Las Vegas. However, we did have a terrific meal at the MGM buffet, overall. There were pockets of "meh", such as the desserts. Beautiful to look at, underwhelming (canned? boxed?) taste. The real negative for us was the service. Every time we got up to try another food station, the waiters and bussers removed everything from our table, including silverware and napkins. We would return to our table to find nothing to eat the food with and by the time we flagged someone down, the food was cold. Very annoying.

        2. So what's the price on the buffet?

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          1. re: berkleybabe

            Wow, my sister (not a chowhound type but likes good food) went to the buffet a couple weeks ago and said it was terrible (no details). She said she'd never go back and that it was standard 9.99 buffet food. I have no idea what time she went but I believe it was during dinner. Strange...

            1. re: kellycolorado

              Buffet is really hit or way miss. Been there six times; four good experiences, two terrible. Asian is always on point, the other stations were iffy. The "Southern-style" hasn't ever been good. Salads sometimes good, sometimes barren. Seafood? Just by looking you can tell whether or not to chance it. Advice? I dont have any. You really are going to take a chance.