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Feb 9, 2008 04:59 AM

Renaissance Waverly -Smyrna Georgia

We will be coming back from Florida and staying at the Renaissance Waverly after an 8 hour drive. Thiking of eating at the hotel--something we might not ordinarily do, but expect to be very tired. Has anyone eaten there or have any insights. I know, hotel restaurants usually have awful food:(

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  1. The food is really good here. There Sunday Brunch is really good as well. Free Champagne too.

    1. Yes, good food at the Waverly. If you decide otherwise, go south on 41 a few blocks and there's a strip mall with a bunch of other choices, some chains. You will be very close to Vinings, with really excellent choices like the Vinings Inn and Canoe, although you'd probably need reservations at Canoe.