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Best Mom's Birthday Brunch in Toronto?

My mom is turning 60 on Easter Sunday next month. We're planning to have a family birthday/Easter brunch somewhere.

Where is the best brunch in Toronto?

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  1. We took my mom for a dim sum brunch at Lai Wah Heen on her birthday. If mom's a bit adventurous, this room is very elegant and the food is very good.

    I'm not typically a bruncher, but the Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons is also supposed to do quite a nice job (they also have a high tea which starts in the early afternoon on weekends).

    1. If your mom's someone who enjoys a more traditional atmosphere, I'd recommend the King Eddie. I haven't been for a few years, but the brunch there is quite good (despite being a buffet, which I'm usually not a huge fan of) and the room is lovely (especially for a special occasion like mom's birthday).

      1. Studio Cafe in the Four Seasons Yorkville. Gorgeous room, impeccable service, outstanding well-executed selections, underground parking in the hotel so mom needn't go outdoors. All well suited for a 60th, but book your reservation well ahead.

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          Gotta echo the Studio Cafe recommendation. Bright, beautiful room; very professional service; and impeccable food. I took my mom there last year for a birthday / Mother's Day brunch, and it was a hit. And yes, book well ahead!

        2. For a sit down more formal resto, I still a big fan of Windsor Arms over King Eddie, or any of the other better hotels in the city. For a more casual setting, Hot House Cafe I really enjoyed as one of the best brunch buffet with wide assortment of food and live jazz on Sundays.

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            With all due respect, there are sneeze guards at Hot House...

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              What do you recommend at the Windsor Arms? Is the Brunch in the Courtyard Cafe? Is the Brunch menu the same as the Breakfast menu on their website, or does the Windsor Arms have a Sunday buffet like the King Eddie?

            2. I've tried Lai Wah Heen, Studio Cafe, and The King Eddy for brunch. They all have their own merits. Lai Wah Heen is great for those who are already familiar with dimsum but want to experience some more unique variations to dimsum favourites. Studio Cafe has less choice than the brunch at King Eddy, but Studio Cafe has some nice Asian inspired fare like tuna sashimi and seaweed salad, lychee creme brulee, etc. King Eddy's brunch is more mainstream but the breadth of selection is very good (plus they also have raw oysters, which I love so perhaps that biases my opinion of the place just slightly! LOL). All are comparable in price (~$50pp). Depending on your mom's tastes, you can choose accordingly... I think all 3 choices give the aire of "special occasion dining" so any of these 3 options would be appropriate.

              1. I think you there is only one choice: Gallery Grill at U of T's Hart House.


                It's an amazing room and the food is excellent.

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                  Got to agree with the Gallery Grill. Beautiful and elegant. Their private room looked stunning when saw it from a distance (depending on the number of people)...

                  King Eddie has a pretty impressive selection though. The Beef Wellington was really very nice.

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                    except the website says the Grill is closed holiday weekends, so perhaps not for Easter Sunday brunch....

                    Gallery Grill
                    7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

                  2. My mom's favourite place is Bonjour Brioche on Queen St. E. That said, they don't take reservations and I'm not sure if they're open on Easter, so it would be good to check with them first. Also, being a small place, any groups of more than 4, it might be better going elsewhere. Awesome quiches, croissants, coffee, etc. Very good spot, always packed.

                    1. If you are willing to venture outside of GTA, EastDell winery has a nice brunch in a rustic set up. Plus, their ice wine is good and cheaper than other places. Make reservations ahead!

                      Otherwise, I second the Four Seasons and King Eddie recommendations.

                      Stay away from Hot House, though. The quality of the food really went down the hill over the years. It tastes like cafeteria food to me.

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                        My favorite special brunch place is Jacques Bistro du Parc in Yorkville. The food and service is excellent. Something about those omelets....wow!!! Amazing homemade lemon tart. Very french, quaint restaurant, family run. The owner and his wife are a wonderul couple. One thing though, it's on the 2nd floor so if stairs are a problem for anyone it would not be suitable. My 2nd choice would also be The Studio Cafe. Forget Bonjour Brioche, for many reasons. Yes the food is very good but the service, wait lines and attitude there ruin everything that is good about the place. Besides that, it's just not special enough for mom's 60th :) Where ever you decide, cheers to mom on her special day.

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                          Jacques came to my mind too as a suggestion but they're not normally open for lunch/brunch on Sundays.

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                            Oh darn, I forgot and should have checked first. Thanks Jamie.

                      2. Le Select Bistro? Classic brunch items as well as classic French.....