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Nov 13, 2001 08:31 AM

Killer Breakfast Burrito on West Side of LA

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I used to go to the 'Purple Shack aka Gloria's' just off of Olympic and Barrington near Ralphs in West LA for a seriously good breakfast burrito.

She moved East due to health and safety regulations. Second burrito place lost to gentrification. Used to be one called Brothers Burrito where Starbucks is in the intersection of Bundy & Santa Monica & Broadway in West LA.

Where can I find one that isn't as cleaned up as Baja Fresh et al on the West Side...Santa Monica, Venice, West LA Brentwood?


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  1. Try Gallegos in Santa Monica. Servicable burritos, laid back, self serve patio.

    1424 Bdway, Santa Monica, CA 90401
    (310) 395-0162

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    1. re: tanyal

      Good tip. I always thought their hours were a bit odd.

      Thanks very much.


      1. re: oesterlifn

        If we're going to bring up a 5 year old post it should be noted Gallegos has moved to Venice Blvd just west of Centenela.

        Breakfast is still great and so are their tomales.

        Gallegos Mexican Deli
        12470 Venice Blvd.,
        Mar Vista, Ca. 90066
        (310) 391-2587

    2. Ahhh - Gloria's . . . . does anyone happen to know if they've tried opening at another spot after the Venice/Culver City storefront?

      1. Try Big Tomy's on Sawtelle and Pico, across the street from Best Buy. Breakfast burritos served from 4-11 in the mornings only, though. B+.

        1. tacos por favor on olympic looks like they have great breakfast burrito's but i've never tried them out.

          1. Strohs on Abott Kinney in Venice has BOMB Breakfast Burittos. Eggs, Tomato, Cheese and Chorizo =)