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Feb 9, 2008 03:15 AM

Where to find Native Potatoes in SD?

I was reading an article on the BBC's website about the UN's designated year of the potato and how farmers in Peru are attempting to develop markets for the dozens of different verities of native potatoes found in the Andes. I was intrigued, I mean here is a chance to help biodiversity and small scale farming plus it would assist indigenous farmers as well as fancy up my dinner table. That's a lot of birds with one stone. Here's the BBC article:

And here is a picture of some of the native potato verities:

The problem is I have no idea of where to buy Peruvian exotic potatoes in San Diego. I certainly didn't see anything like this at Northgate Gonzales market last weekend. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I used to buy purple Peruvians from Be Wise Ranch when they had a farm stand, however that is gone. If Be Wise is still growing them, they might be available at People's Co-Op in OB.

    And though I haven't noticed them, I would check the Farmer's Markets around town. I go to Hillcrest on Sundays and don't recall seeing a variety of potatoes, but it's worth talking to the vendors there to see if they are growing ant native varieties.

    1. This must be serendipity...

      Was at the La Jolla Market this morning and noticed a new-ish vendor had a whole lot different potatoes including ones marked as Purple Peruvian. All the varieties were very small (golf ball sized at the largest) and I also remember there being Red's, Yukon Gold, Garnet Yams and a few others in addition to garlic and shallots (the shallots were HUGE - one "lobe" being bigger than most of the potatoes).
      The ladies in front of me were chatting up the vendor and he mentioned that he grows them all locally, year-round, but winter crops required more frequent planting...
      LJ Farmer's Market is Sundays 9-1pm at LJ Elementary (corner of Girard and Genter).