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Feb 8, 2008 11:14 PM

French food in Taipei

Just moved to Taipei would like to know where to go for decent French or Mediterranean (both bistro and fine dining). Thank you

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  1. I have never been there but the best French chef in Singapore, Justin Quek, moved to Taipei a few years ago and opened La Petite Cuisine at 45, ShuangCheng Street;02) 2597-3838 and received rave review. You may want to check it out.

    1. The restaurant on top of the Ritz in Taipei is abolutely amazing (at least if the chef who was there last year (relatively young guy from vancouver) is still there. It is a kind of French fusion cuisine which was absolutely spectacular and I recommend it very highly.

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        What's the price point on dinner there? Always good to know I think. Thanks.

      2. Thank you "Paris 1930" the name of that restaurant on top of Ritz? If so I've heard a few food things about it..

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          If I had to entertain for special occasions, Paris 1930 at the Ritz Landis is my top choice. Rolf at the restaurant is friendly, knowledgeable, and takes care of you. They also have a good wine list even though I always bring my own wine.

          I have not been impressed with L Petite Cuisine. Justin is almost never there (he's in Shanghai at Le Platane) so it's just not the same. Service could also be a lot better...

          In terms of more casual dining, why not trip La Forchette on An He Road? It's quite nice.

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            Just went back to La Petite Cuisine last week. Food was pretty decent but there were no customers. They are moving to Evergreen Laurel Hotel to capture customer traffic.

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              Thanks for the update - the new venue should be a vast improvement. Isn't the current location supposed to be in a rather seedy part of Taipei?

              I was at Justin Quek's Le Platane in Shanghai two weeks back. The restaurant's operations manager told me that Justin spends 70% of his time in Shanghai, and 30% in Taipei. Reason he's spending more time in Shanghai is because he'd also opened Villa du Lac, a beautiful Huaiyang cuisine restaurant at Xintiandi, besides adding a new bakery to Fountain Bistro/Wine Bar at Xintiandi, which he also owns/operates.

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                I'm surprised he spends any time in Taipei at all! And yes, the current location has a seedy reputation. Let's hope they continue to do well so I have an alternative to Paris 1930.

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