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Feb 8, 2008 10:35 PM

Where to buy sausage casings in LA?

looking for some hog casings, anybody know where i can find them in town? i don't want to order the huge box from butcher-packer.

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  1. You can buy a small packet of them from Ranch 99 in San Gabriel. Don't know if the Ranch 99 in Monterey Park has them as well. They're also available at at Mexican supermarket called King Ranch in Pasadena, but they're only sold in large packets costing 15 dollars. at ranch 99, you can get a small packet of them (more than enough for your sausage making needs) for 5 bucks.

    1. mario's italian deli on broadway in glendale carries them.

      1. I've seen them at Claro's an Italian Deli with several LA area locations.

        1. Maronis in the 3rd St. Farmers' Market will sell them to you. You can also but them online. Too late to pull up where I got them from, but here,, is a great website with info. Casings keep forever.

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          1. Schreiner's Fine Sausages, Glendale.: 818-244-4735. They sold me as much as I needed, already washed and ready to go.