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Feb 8, 2008 09:26 PM

Spaghetti squash watery!

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to make spaghetti squash less watery? After I cooked it, I wanted to make a "lasagna" type dish, but it made everything really watery in the oven.


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  1. How did you cook it?

    1. It might be less watery if you roasted it instead of steaming it, but it is a somewhat watery squash. For recipe purposes I tend to think of it as being more like a summer squash than a winter one. Hmmm ... I wonder if you could salt it like zucchini to draw out some of the water? For a dish like lasagna, I'd just cut down on the other liquids (use a drier sauce).

      1. If you bake it in the oven, cut side down, on a baking sheet enough moisture will be trapped to cook it well, but it won't be nearly as watery. The baking will also concentrate the flavor so you'll get more bang for your buck. -So glad to hear that someone else likes spaghetti squash!

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          For a quick way, cut in half, put cut side down with a little water in a 13x9 in microwave for 10 minutes or so until soft. I use it to put spaghetti sauce on, or just with a little butter, parmesan cheese and black pepper.

        2. I find that spaghetti squash varies greatly. I buy one and it's almost too dry and the next day/week I'll get one that is on the watery side. I think it depends on how long it's been stored and there even might be a few varieties of spaghetti squash. (I always microwave mine, btw).