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Feb 8, 2008 08:51 PM

Gulf Coast Restaurants?

Can anyone recommend some good restaurants on the Gulf Coast for Florida? My Wife and I will be there in early Apil. Also, if anyone can recommend a great resort/hotel on the gulf coast as well that would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. what part of the Gulf Coast? It goes from Pensacola to Naples.

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    1. re: rhnault

      Also be aware that the Chowhound Team frowns on travel advice (hotels, sightseeing) except as it relates to food and beverage.

      Once you figure out which part of the Gulf Coast you want to visit, a search on this forum will find lots of existing, ongoing discussions about that particular place.

      1. re: rhnault

        If you are looking at the South Walton Beach area, check out this board:

        As rhnault noted, you need to narrow the geography down a bit to get more specific recommendations. But there are awesome eats in the SOWAL area!

      2. Check out the dining and entertainment options in Sandestin:

        You will find other threads on this board for the Destin area. April would be a good time of year to visit NW Florida.

        1. We would be interested in recommendations from Naples in the south to Spring Hill in the North. And very often food goes hand in hand with a great hotel resort, so that's why I mentioned it. But great food in my objective. I'm looking for anything, from a great cheap breakfast dive to a five star restaurant.