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Feb 8, 2008 08:44 PM

What unique Toronto Food Festivals have you marked on your 2008 calendar?


The winter will be over before we know it and the warmer weather will return soon.
With all the great Toronto and GTA Food Festivals to chose from, Which ones are you marking on your calendar 'NOT TO BE MISSED' ?

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  1. Every summer its all about ribfests for me. Nothing beats summer sunshine and mass amounts of barbecue. My favourite ones are Etobicoke (on Canada day - to catch the fireworks too), and Burlington (because of the lakeside location) I already can't wait!

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      Since you're a fellow Ribfest fan, the newest one is over in my neck of the woods. Pickering gets a fest this year, June 6-8 at Esplanade Park:

    2. Taste of the Danforth, the weekend of August 8th to 10th 2008. Always fun, but better just after noon - it gets too crowded if you arrive late. Lots of Greek and other food served up by venders on the street, many of them outside their restaurants.

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        "AFROFEST" which is around the first weekend in July and is held in Queen's Park. Lots of interesting 'food vendors' as well as the usual West Indian assortment (jerk pork/chicken etc) Lots of interesting people to meet and the MUSIC is wonderful...I can't think of a 'downside' unless it 'rains' and then it's not so's right on the TTC subway etc. Parking (Lots) fairly easy but not too cheap. If you've never tried the 'variety' of African foods available and that you won't find in the few African should try AFROFEST. The festival is an all ages event and it runs day and night! They probably have a website...but I'm counting on a CH'r to post it ...I'm not good at technical side of life!

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          I actually list Taste of the Danforth as one of my must-avoids. It's gotten even worse, the prices have doubled in 3 years, just not worth the trip. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere, unless you like overspending for tiny portions while getting hit by baby strollers....

        2. Here's a list, some with links, of many (probably most) of the food etc. festivals in Ontario.

          1. I always go down to the South Asian Festival, Masala! Mendi! Masti! for great dosa and spicy delights.

            I also keep an eye on where they provide a heads up on all sorts of tasty festivals and events.

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            1. re: idnas

              Thanks for the tip idnas.
              Do you have a 2008 date for this year's event?
              The ' site' is an amazing resource thanks again

              1. re: fruglescot

                Glad it's helpful. I haven't found dates for this year but it's usually mid-summer.

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                  MMM looks like it's set for July 25th - 27th this year.

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. 'fruglescot'
                  ....................I HAVE personally attended AFROFEST for several years and will indeed attend THIS year, I do not have the exact date for this year's fest since I am presently away from Toronto and the exact date has not been shown on LAST year's google info! (If you must know the exact date I suggest you contact CIUT-FM as they always broadcast from the site and may have up to date info for 2008!
         is the largest and most distinct of all the ' African Community Festivals............for those who are interested in African would be a great place to try for the varied cuisine(s) available.
                  I personally, believe it it has a place in this post................

                  1. re: pearlD

                    AFROFEST 2008 DATE ?
                    Thanks pearlD for your enthusiastic endorsement of this annual festival
                    held in Queen's Park I have attended AFROFEST and agree that it is a destination not to be missed. I have fired off an email to the organizers requesting the exact 2008 date and I will post it here and mark it on my calendar when I hear back from them. GREAT FOOD WONDERFUL
                    MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT. I particularly enjoy the Corn Soup man there.
                    Edit; Still have your blog ? Like to read . Contact my email

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                      There is also Bana yAfrique, at Dundas Sq., I think the second Sunday of August, and another African street fest at Bloor and Ossington. Both have a pretty good selection of food vendors. Among the interesting ones is a group of women (who don't have a restaurant, but do some catering) from, I think, the Cote d'Ivoire. I think that they go by the name Les Amazones.

                      1. re: hungry_pangolin


                        AfriVillage Fest. No dates yet for 2008, but this was definitely one of my favourite fests of last summer, along with AfroFest.