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Indian food in Pensacola

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Is there any? We wife is currently in Pensacola visiting her mom and wants to take her for some Indian food, preferably somewhere that makes Dosa's. Is this possible?


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  1. I can't remember hearing of any Indian restaurants in Pensacola. If you're road-tripping eastward, there's an Indian place called Bombay Masala on Eglin Pkwy in Ft. Walton Beach. Lunch is only a smallish buffet, but they have a regular menu for dinner. They can be a little bit hit or miss, but when they hit, they're excellent.

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      Pensacola now has an Indian restuarant - and it is very good. We just had lunch there an hour ago (doing our research before recommending, of course) and it was wonderful. The buffet is $11.99 a person. We also had a mango lassiz (sp?) and a chai (hot scented tea) with our meals.

      The location is at the Ramada in on Scenic hwy, adjacent to and south of I-10.