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Feb 8, 2008 06:02 PM

Mesa Grill - Any tips?

Hi all...My wife and I have a gift card for Mesa Grill and we want to make the event memorable. Does anyone have any recommendations, or for that matter, warnings? For the entrees I'm particularly interested in the swordfish, the lamb chops, and the venison, but would welcome comments about anything on the menu, appetizers and desserts included. Thanks a lot for anything you can tell me.

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  1. You are going to have a good but not memorable meal there, just like I had recently. Not worth the price but if you have a gift card, that is another story.

    I do remember liking the lamb chops (I think) - nothing really stood out for me to tell the truth.

    If I end up being wrong and you do find this place memorable, I urge you to go to Babbo one day if you have not been.

    1. Didn't like the 16-spiced rubbed chicken dish. Had a funny taste for me. Profiteroles were so-so too.

      1. My recommendation is sell the gift card on ebay and use the money to eat somewhere else. Mesa Grill is good, but it's not great and certainly not memorable, also because it's Mesa Grill in my opinion it's overpriced, I'm sure you can get a more memorable place somewhere else for cheaper.

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          Shrimp and Corn Tamale App.!!!!!!
          I agree that Mesa is not what it once was, but every couple of months I MUST have this app. Along with a salad, margarita and dessert -- it's a fine meal.

          1. re: hungry_fox

            Or have drinks at the bar on several occasions but eat elsewhere. I do remember really liking the salmon/salmon roe quesadilla there years ago.

            1. re: MMRuth

              Drinks is a good idea

              - and it wont take long to eat up that $50 at the bar - no pun intended......

              TRY the Mojito's there - - the keeps there really know how to muddle those fresh mint leaves for a really tasty Mojito!