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Feb 8, 2008 05:18 PM

Restaurants near Kauffman Stadium, KC

Hi All. I am preparing my summer trip and one will be in KC to catch a few basbeall games. i am staying at the Sheraton Sports complex hotel across from Kauffman Stadium. Are there any decent restaurants near there? Anyone been to the restaurant at the hotel? We are looking for good value but will splurge if it is worth it. We are looking for potentially American food, decent gastro-pub food, italian food, a maybe a really good place for ribs. My travelling partner is not big on ethnic food (much to my chagrin) so any suggestions would be helpful. I am from Toronto so anyone looking for a decent meal there can get advice in return.



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  1. You will be less than 10 minutes from LC's BBQ. You'll need a car, but it will be worth it.

    1. There isn't much in the immediate area around Kauffman (unless you're a huge Taco Bell or Denny's fan). Don't get me wrong about the actual Stadium and game day experience though, because it is a nice stadium and a good place to see a game, but the sports complex is kind of out there in the middle of a big parking lot with nothing around it.
      Just up the Blue Ridge Cut Off from your hotel it intersects with Highway 40 and there are some places up there that might fit the bill for you.
      There is a Gates BBQ on 40 and there is an old school burger place up there can't remember the name but I think it was a Big Boy or something like that at one time. There is also Dixon's Chili Parlor on 40 which is a local favorite that serves a unique sort of of chili. Also old school Italian called V's and a really old school place called the Bamboo Hut with tiki bar lounge that supposedly serves good steaks and fried chicken and things like that.
      Good luck, and I hope you enjoy KC.

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        I would recommend Dixon's for a place with some history. I'm not a huge fan of the chili but others really like it. You order it a little differently (add what you want and if you add nothing it is just ground seasoning or anything). But, they have really good BASIC tacos with a decent salsa. It is close to the hotel at 40 hiway and Blue Ridge. I'd second the V's recommendation and Big Boy on down 40 hi-way a bit (east on 40). You can get a 25 dollar gift certificate for 10 bucks or a 10 dollar one for 3 on (not sure of the rules around using them...but worth a look) for V's. And at Big Boy get a cherry limeade...they are the best I've had in KC (with extra cherry for me). Even farther down 40 hiway is Salvatore's (this is basically a Garozzo's with a name change) and it has some really good Italian selections. I love the salad and the Beef Modiga is WONDERFUL!

      2. I second the LC's reccomendation, especially if you're looking for ribs or burnt ends. I know it looks a little shady from the outside, but the best BBQ places always do!

        1. My two cents:

          I think you'll find Kauffman a great place to watch a game. I also recommend LC's and Gates as they are pretty close to where you'll be saying. However, since you're coming from Toronto and I'm guessing you don't pass through KC too often, I would strongly, strongly recommend that you get out a little further and explore the real food experience that KC has to offer. Areas like downtown, the crossroads, and the plaza will offer everything you're looking for and at all price levels. Every area is within a 15-20 minute drive from where you will be staying. The immediate area in which you are staying has nothing to offer in terms of food culture, but it awaits you just a short drive away.